Veterans of the U.S. occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Post-Cold War Vets

April 17, 2015
Bring 'em home to the 2015 VFP Convention in San Diego

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At this time in human history the challenges have never been greater. Our very existence as a species, along with many others is at risk because of an elite ruling class that values profit and power over life.

Veterans of the U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and Post-Cold War vets, working together with veterans of previous wars, can make a powerful difference in supporting GI resistance, working for an end to war and empowering the struggle for human rights, justice for the planet and all living beings.

Help us cultivate the next generation of Veterans For Peace leadership to meet these ongoing global challenges. We need your financial support today. Follow this link to donate.

At the VFP National Board meeting in April, 2014, we opened the doors wide for veterans who may not have the means to join VFP by providing assistance to help them attend and participate in our annual convention in Asheville NC.

That initiative, thanks to the generosity of many of our members and the initial seed money provided by National, proved to be a huge success, enabling some 40 younger vets to come to Asheville and leave tremendously inspired by Veterans For Peace and what we stand for. 
We are making the same offer to Post-9/11 and Gulf War veterans to come to VFP's 30th Year Anniversary Convention in San Diego. The convention fee is still waived for the first three years of attendance for post-9/11 and Desert Storm veterans. 
Many of us are Vietnam-era veterans or earlier, and while we do not intend to give up the struggle for human rights and peace, we realize that the torch must be passed to a new vibrant and strong generation.
We are empowering these younger veterans to have a Post-Cold War Veterans Caucus again with the intention of giving them the power to recommend and carry out new programs in accordance with VFP's Statement of Purpose. The caucus will additionally be empowered to address concerns specific to veterans from these eras.
We are committed to make an effort to help those who need assistance with transportation and lodging. Last year, thanks to the generosity of many of our members, we were able to help a good number of these younger vets participate in the convention. Let's do it again this year. Please make your donation today.
We cannot do this without your help.
In Solidarity, 
Michael McPhearson
Executive Director
Veterans For Peace
Barry Ladendorf
Veterans For Peace
Tarak Kauff
VFP Board Member 
Chair, VFP Membership Committee