VFP Member Becomes the Face of American Travel to Cuba

January 28, 2015

The second annual VFP trip to Cuba  turned historic when it began on the same day that new regulations for American Travel went into place. A picture of VFP member John Koehler from Wisconsin went world-wide and is has become the iconic face of American travel to the island. 15 VFP members and supporters were part of our tour to Havana and environs, experiencing the art and culture and sampling the food. We talked with ordinary working men and women who were very positive about the thaw in relations between our countries. We also met with our fellow veterans who talked about their experiences in their military, and the humanitarian missions of Cuban medical personnel who have sent 125 doctors to Ebola -stricken parts of Africa.

Because of the overwhelming response to these new regulations, we are planning another trip for later this year. Contact Jim Ryerson jim@cubasconnections.org

VFP Members on Tour

Jim Ryerson
Ron Staff
Larry Ulm
John Koehler
Joni Clemens
Dan Simkowski