Vietnam Full Disclosure Campaign - Open Letter to the American People

December 08, 2014

Dear signers of the Full Disclosure Open Letter to the American People (about he Pentagon's 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam war),

We in the Full Disclosure group of Veterans For Peace are plesed to announce the qualitative upgrading of our web site.  You can find it at the old address: 

or at

Please check it out and/or also like us on facebook at

The Pentagon is making its major push in 2015 (the 50th anniversary of the anniversary of the American escalation in Vietnam in 1965).  They aim to legitimize current and future wars as well as the continuing militarization of American society. They are preparing major events, including on Memorial Day and at college football games in the Fall.  They are also developing a one-sided curriculum.  We need to be prepared to counter their efforts in organized and powerful ways. Of course we already have a more honest curriculum on the web site under Educational Resources.

To move forward, we need your support: to maintain and improve our new web site, to develop and distribute our materials (including oral histories), to travel to educational and other conferences, and to organize powerful and meaningful events -- including teach-ins to mark the 50th anniversary of the teach-in movement -- and thereby launch a serious campaign in opposition to the Pentagon's efforts.  You can donate by going to the web site and looking for the donate button on any screen or go directly to

Your donations are tax deductible. 

Besides donating, consider either working with us or organizing an event where you live or work to oppose the Pentagon's effort and communicate a more honest understanding of the war and the movement in opposition to it.  And let us know about it o we can feature it on our web site and let others know about your efforts.

In solidarity,

The Full Disclosure group of Veterans For Peace