Prominent Americans Join Veterans For Peace International Advisory Board, including Oliver Stone, Ed Asner, Andrew Bacevich, Jackson Browne and Ralph Nader

November 10, 2014

On this Veterans Day 2014, Veterans For Peace an international organization of veterans is proud to announce its inaugural International Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of individuals from the arts, entertainment, academia, law and media as well as those who are veterans, religious leaders and activists. All share the vision of Veterans For Peace of a world without war.

Since its inception in 1985, Veterans For Peace has grown into an international organization of veterans who, through our collective efforts seek a culture of peace and the abolition of war. Our members have served in every war and conflict from World War II to the present. As veterans we feel duty bound to serve the greater cause of world peace.


Veterans For Peace also believes it must more firmly assert its voice into the national debate concerning our nation’s drift into endless wars and conflict while side-stepping or ignoring our constitutional and treaty obligations that dictate when and how the United States can unleash its war machine. We will look to our International Advisory Board for guidance and direction to assist us as we continue our efforts to:

If you are a veteran, we encourage you to connect with our national website at to find out more about us. If you have questions or comments or seek more information about our newly established International Advisory Board, please contact Michael McPhearson, Executive Director of Veterans For Peace, at our National Office in St. Louis. He can be reached at (314) 725-6005 or at

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