Indigenous People's Day

October 13, 2014

Indigenous People's Day in Seattle, WA is a profound change in a society of United Americans that have been taught the wrong story about Christopher Columbus and the absence of the stories told by Indigenous People.

Even though is is a victory to educate the masses of the lies told about Columbus, there is a warning that we as a Red nation must do our best to not demean those of the White Nation, (one individual is not the whole picture of a Nation).  It should not be seen as a reason to misappropriation of regalia of the Indigenous People to show "support: or for commercial means.  The Indigenous People's Day should be seen as good medicine for those who have, across Mother Earth, been oppressed, scarred and have lost Hope.

We as humans need to know the Truth of what it means to come together and see all as Sacred Beings.  The different Nationa are becoming mixed within is us.  Our blodd lines are not all "pure".  We carry within us many different cultures, ethicities, and beliefs.  We need to learn to walk together in solidarity so we ma turn the tides of division to unification.  This will only be so when we look at each other with love, honor and respect and in turn heal not only ourselves as Sacred Humanity, but in turn heal our Mother Earth.