Immigants, Workers and Students Demand: Jobs Not Wars

December 13, 2012

mlkjobsnotwar.pngDear Friend of Veterans For Peace,

Please become a part of this movement to Rebuild our Country - Move our Tax Dollars from the Pentagon to Job Creation and Human Needs. We need a new set of priorities that place the needs of the people ahead of the profits of the privileged.

Peace and Justice Groups, Military Families, Veterans, Unions, Retirees, and the Unemployed are all supporting our Jobs Not Wars Petition demanding that Congress and our President Give Us Work Not War. If you have yet signed, simply click here to Sign the Petition.

If you have already signed, we Thank You!

Please continue to help Spread the Word by forwarding this Petition to all your friends and associates. If you belong to an organization, no matter how big or small, who agrees with our Petition, ask them to Endorse the Campaign Here

A Quick Summary of our Petition’s Demands:

Click here for a downloadable copy of the Petition and bring it to your church, union, parent teacher meeting, and ask them to Sign the Petition. Hungry American children, the children of the poor and unemployed, are becoming the new face of America. All Our Voices are needed to fight against the influence of the very powerful, money ladened Wall Street and Corporate CEOs and the Military Industrial Complex.
If you can afford to, please consider making a Donation Any size donation will be gratefully received – remember that even very small donations added together make a BIG difference. Thank you for your time and continued support


Mike Reid
Executive Director
Veterans For Peace