Be A Friend For Peace In Afghanistan

October 09, 2012

Is it possible to find 2 Million Friends?

2 million Afghans have already died in the past four decades of war in Afghanistan. And war still rages on with the continuing military action of the U.S. and its NATO allies. The Afghan Peace Volunteers are asking us to help them find 2 million friends to join them in a call for peace in Afghanistan. The initiative calls on ordinary citizens of all countries to join with Afghan citizens, who are tired of corruption, hatred and war, to be friends.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers want us to know that “2 Million Friends” is a call to action. It is about recognizing our shared humanity. When we see the suffering of a friend we do not stand by and wish things were different, we act to end their suffering. Solidarity with one another, person by person, can change our unfair world. We wish for 2 Million friends, friends that would ask for the war to end.
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