Action Alert: Ban Weaponized Drones from the World

October 01, 2012

nodrones.jpgUPDATE: Veterans For Peace and other allies in our coalition to ban weaponized drones are headed to Pakistan in a delegation organized by Code Pink. Please add your name to the petition now, and forward this to everyone you know, so that we can make clear to Pakistanis how many of us oppose the endless killing imposed on their country by our unmanned planes.

Veterans For Peace will deliver the petition to elected officials, tribal leaders, and victims' family members.

We've become a nation that callously kills. Meticulous researchers have documented that U.S. drones are killing many innocent civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Drones are making the world less stable and creating new enemies. We must end the use of weaponized drones.

Add your name now

RootsAction and our allies will deliver this petition to:

Add your name now to build a movement that will rid the world of weaponized drones.

Please forward this email widely to like-minded friends.
Bureau of Investigative Journalism: U.S. Secret Wars
Washington Post: U.S. Drone Targets in Yemen Raise Questions
New York Times: Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles
Organizations Supporting This Petition (partial and growing list):
Arlington Green Party
Code Pink
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
LA Laborfest
The Northampton Committee to Stop War
Sitkans for Peace and Justice
Veterans For Peace
Veterans For Peace Chapter 27
Women Standing
Bill of Rights Defense Committee

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