John Heuer Tribute Messages

John Heuer, my dear sweet husband and best friend, passed from this earthly world to the next level. He "talked the talk and walked the walk". What will I do without your smiling face and upbeat attitude even in trying times? You have taught ALL who knew you life's lessons on kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and more. Thanks for sharing these past 8 years with me. Love you!Sue Merris

John Heuer was a beautiful man who served humanity against the wars of this system, and united with all people in struggle. Rest in peace, friend. La lucha continua.Scott Trent

I met John way back when we both were involved - he more deeply than I - in SEANC District 25. He was always a delight to be around, then after retiring we kept running into each other at VFP and other social/economic justice events. His passing is a great loss to us all. You're in my thoughts and prayers, Sue. May you take comfort in knowing how very loved and respected John is. He will make heaven a better place.–Tana Hartman

John Heuer was kind, gentle, sincere, caring, authentic, peaceful, understanding... He will be in my thoughts always. He understood peace on a personal level as a means to working for peace in the wider movement. He had a profound effect on how I understand my book. I will miss him.Nicole Waybright

I believe I first met John outside the gates of Ft Benning maybe 2008 or 2009. Last saw him at the VFP Convention in Asheville 2014. A gentle committed soul was John. John Heuer !Presente!George McAnanama

John was a fellow warrior for social justice that I've had the honor to work beside. John was a veteran and past president for the Veterans for Peace movement here in North Carolina. Rest in peace and rest in power my friend. It was an honor.–Edith Garwood

Our beloved brother, John. Tho he's gone, he's not lost to us, shared forever by and through us...His shining spirit is a lodestar to all of us who loved John, as he loved us all. May it ever be so. Rest sweet in the Mystery, John. PRESENTE!Mia Austin

Really devastated to hear a great activist and organizer John Heuer passed away last night. A Vietnam-era veteran turned anti-war activist, I had the privilege of serving on the VFP Board of Directors with John for several years and fighting side-by-side at so may protests and civil disobedience actions. I was always impressed with his political instincts, passion and selfless dedication. He was a person of unparalleled warmth and positivity, but with an equal measure of real fire for justice and peace. He was welcoming and kind with every person he met, with an unrelenting drive to destroy the US war machine (and never afraid to get arrested for it)--a true example of a stellar human being. John was completely dedicated to building an anti-war movement of veterans and active-duty soldiers, but was also a stalwart at the Moral Monday actions, the Black Lives Matter movement, saving the environment and so much more--not to mention a talented artist and musician. We'll continue the fight on your shoulders, John!Michael Prysner

John, a gentle soul of conscience, peace, and love for all. Rest in Peace, brother missed yet with us still.Wade Fulmer

I am so sorry to hear of John's passing. He was a wonderful advocate for peace and a dear friend--he coordinated many speaking events for me in North Carolina and I drove the highways and byways of North Carolina with John. Presente John Heuer!Ann Wright

John Heuer is a vanguard voice regarding the dismantling of White Male Supremacy. For reasons particular to my life experience, I almost never fully trust males; that can be a problem for the Membership Coordinator of Veterans for Peace, a 93% Male organization. That said, within a few seconds of meeting John Heuer, I knew I had no need for my usually defensive perimeter. John embodies gentleness. I am so sad that I will never see John again. Entering a room and seeing John's gentle smile is walking off the highway into a grove of Old Growth Redwoods. He remains a gentle breeze.Doug Zachary

John once mentioned to me that two remarkable events in his life were: singing with Pete Seeger and getting arrested with Dan Ellsberg. I told him we would make that his epithet.Barbara Stanley

When I received the news that John had a turn for the worse and would not be able to continue on the board, I just broke down and cried because I knew somehow that I wouldn’t see John alive again. What a wonderful human being he was and what a great spirit he will always be. We were almost always in agreement on issues and as intense as I am, John never lost patience with me. We knew we were allies. Now I am so sad I didn’t treasure him enough while he was with us. He had the qualities and wisdom of a saint and he had great love. Now he is free from the shackles of the body and from earthly bondage. God speed on your journey John. We will miss you more than we know.Tarak Kauff

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." (Saint Francis de Sales). I am terribly saddened to know that John Heuer is no longer with us. John you were a great friend to so many of us and a wonderful, strong and committed member of the Peace and Anti-War community. I'll always remember how kind and supportive you were to me, and I am certain so many others have similar memories. Several years ago you reassured me, with a twinkle in your eye and slight smile of strength, compassion and gentleness, at a time when I really needed such reassurance and such support. I still reflect on that conversation and I will keep that, and you, with me forever. Peace John. Thank you for all you did. Rest well my friend.–Matthew Hoh

John Heuer, Vietnam-era conscientious objector, stalwart of Veterans For Peace, dear friend and mentor, died unexpectedly last night. Determined to recover fully from recent surgery, John was doing everything he could, from physical therapy to acupuncture, to get past the pain and carry on. The only consolation I can glean from his passing is that he was spared not only his own physical suffering, which was intense, but also the realities of what a Trump presidency would bring to a nation that John had fought so hard to protect from the fascists and the madmen. Losing him is an immeasurable loss for us all. Just yesterday, John asked me to critique an article he had written for a local newspaper. I'll never know if he got to see the comments I sent to him late last night, but I intend to submit his article to the paper in the morning. It will be my way of ensuring that his life's work, and his words, did not die with him. Written as a reflection on Armistice Day (11/11), it ended with these words: "Imagine a world in which soldiers and veterans realize mutually that their enmity for each other has been manufactured for the benefit of a few profiteers. Only then can we begin to understand the true spirit of Armistice Day. Perhaps, on the centennial of the original Armistice Day... we will have managed to recruit peace candidates to lead all our political parties, and the day will again be a day dedicated to the celebration of peace rather than the glorification of war." May it be so!Vicki Ryder

John was and will remain a moral force for good within VFP. Last saw and spoke with John on May 25th in DC at the Ralph Nader conf. - "Breaking through Power." John Heuer, Presente.'Will Thomas

I’m sad to say my dear dear friendJohn Heuer passed away. He was a great man and I for one will never forget his kindness.Ethan McCord

My heart is saddened to hear of the passing of my friend, John Heuer. A gentle soul and tireless advocate for peace, nonviolence, human rights, and social justice. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace, my friend. Ymani Simmons

I'm so sad about John's passing. For two years I've enjoyed his company, wise council, experienced activist perspective, and his appreciation of being able to pass on Secretary duties to me and his good advice for that. I miss him.Kourtney Andar

John was a man with a heart that encompassed ALL. May his spirit be with us till all people are free from tyranny, hatred, and poverty.Ruth Austin

I had my first meaningful contact with John at the VFP convention last August. Before the banquet John came up to me and started what was to be a long two way conversation. We sat next to each other at the banquet, had a few beers together, but more importantly shared and communicated important parts of our life. As one who frankly is not a social person and one who is quite content to live in the shadows, John's empathy and interest in me got me to open up and make me feel like I was of value to him. The world would be better off if all of us were a little more like John.Paul Appell

Condolences to his family, and everyone. I met John a couple of times. Even though we did not have the opportunity to sit and talk, I could tell his being, as he was very accepting of me and gave a very beautiful energy. Peace to you John.David Soumis

I knew John through my work in the office at VFP. John was such a sweet and soothing presence. The last time I talked with him he told me how glad he was he retired when he did and that you had good years before his health issues arose.Virginia Druhe

John Heuer will always be a gentle breeze, always with us. He'll join us in the first light of day, the bird's call overhead, the scent of rain.Kate Beckwith

I’m deeply saddened by news of the passing of my VFP comrade John Heuer. I will be forever grateful for the tremendous honor of serving with John on the VFP board of directors this past year. My first impression of John as a gentle and compassionate soul was only strengthened over the relatively short time that I had the great pleasure and privilege of knowing him. John was second to none in his dedication and commitment to peace and justice. His integrity, humility and peacefulness was evident in every interaction I had with him. I am a better person having known John, and I’m confident that the world is a better place because he was in it. We will miss you, John. Presente!Brian Trautman

Incredibly sad to hear of the passing of my friend, John Heuer. I spent the most time with John while we were organizing GRIM - the Grassroots Impeachment Movement, trying to get our Congressman, David Price, to support the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney for war crimes. John was a tireless advocate for peace and justice and an inspiration. My love goes out to his wife, Sue A Merris. He will be missed. Rest in Peace, John, and my deepest sympathies go to his family.Rebecca Cerese

I had the greatest respect for John and will always remember, and appreciate, the kind advice he offered me with my Grandmothers For Peace group. Thank you, John. You had a life well lived and I have no doubt that you will, finally, rest in sweet peace.Lynn Heritage

On November 15th, 2016 we lost two great men John Heuer of Veterans For Peace & Mose Allison, Jr., a Blues and Jazz Singer Songwriter and I can't think of a better song tribute to John than Mose's: 'Since the World Ended' I was fortunate to have served with Elder, Mentor, Educator and Conscientious Objector John Heuer on the VFP Board of Directors. John was Lighthouse of Peace in an angry sea of darkness, his steadfast principles against bigotry, violence and perpetual wars, whether at home or abroad, kept VFP on course with its' mission to abolish war. VFP colleague Doug Zachary described John as "a gentle breeze" …so appropriate as the earth's temperature rises when war tensions between nations heat up and the domestic battle to Protect the Water and Sacred Lands of Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline which has captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe, becoming a non-violent movement on fire. If ever we needed a gentle breeze, it is now.John Heuer Presente!Dan Shea

RIP to Brother John Heuer....we stood together (and got arrested) many times...he was indeed one of the great and gentle ones.Ward Reilly

I was fortunate and blessed to know and love John Heuer. It was John who introduced me to the NC Veterans for Peace chapter that I became involved with, and later introduced me to Howie, who I began to assist with the website. Without John, my life would not be as full as it is to this very day and each day for me going forward. His life and light in this world, the gift of peace that he exude as a human being is beyond measure. I will miss you dearly John, always. Rest in peace and power. Your light will shine on through me and many others whose lives you touched.  –Julie Mark Dobson

In memory of John Heuer Presente!

On the last day of the 2016 VFP Convention in Berkeley CA (8/15/16), I had the good fortune to share time with John as we broke bread with Daniel Ellsberg, Ann Wright, S Brian Willson, Becky Luening, and Mike Hastie.

After this incredible lunch John & I shared a home stay in the area and shared our brief stories and a review of the VFP Convention to a small intimate group.

That night we shared a room and in the morning a ride to the Oakland airport. I feel so fortunate to have spent these few days with our thoughtful, compassionate Elder whose knowledge and wisdom will be missed as a guiding light for all of Veterans For Peace.

Video: Breaking Bread with Daniel Ellsberg 2016

Part 1 John Heuer my VFP Board of Directors colleague is speaking.

Part 2 Daniel Ellsberg is engaging us in a conversation over the real dangers of a nuclear Holocaust

John Heuer Presente!

-Dan Shea