Ch 102: Diplomacy and de-escalation on Ukraine!

January 28, 2022


TO: The Hon. Gwen Moore, The Hon. Mark Pocan, The Hon. Tammy Baldwin

FROM: Milwaukee Veterans For Peace

RE: Diplomacy and de-escalation on Ukraine


Dear Members of Congress:

We write to urge you to step forward as a voice of reason, as the world's two major nuclear superpowers continue to move closer to possible war over Ukraine.

It is a time for negotiation, diplomacy, and de-escalation, not buildups of troops and weapons that increase the risk. The need to act to prevent a war is urgent. Please do not set this aside or respond with a form letter from a staffer. We need you to take a leading role to prevent this looming tragedy.

You undoubtedly know the issues, the history, and the arguments. We will not waste your time asking you to read a lengthy treatise about the need to choose peace over bloodshed.

Our request is this: That you either (a) initiate and circulate a Member of Congress letter to President Biden in opposition to sending more troops and weapons to eastern Europe that could provoke a war with Russia, or, (b) if such a letter is already in circulation, that you sign on and add your name. A public statement that you have taken that action also would be important.

Time is obviously short. Please do what you can to encourage the Biden administration to pursue the right course. Thank you.


Milwaukee Veterans For Peace
Chapter 102
Robert Hanson, president
Paul Moriarity, vice-president
Mark Foreman, treasurer
Larry Meisgeier, secretary