Peacestock Fall 2021

October 08, 2021

Militarism and the Environment; Is the Military Providing the Security we Seek?

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Tuesday October 19th from 6pm to 8:30pm Central via Zoom and Facebook Live. 

 We welcome all to this free and online peace and justice gathering featuring Veterans for Peace (VFP) President Adrienne Kinne and military pollution expert Gary Butterfield. Also introducing “Gamers for Peace” a VFP group recently formed. 

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Our military is the world’s largest emitter of toxic greenhouse gasses. Learn about our global pollution production and the problems it poses from two nationally known speakers. 

The detrimental effects of climate change should be obvious to all by now and we know what is causing it.  However, what is little known is the U.S. military’s damaging role in climate change.  The U.S. military releases as much carbon pollution as many countries.  Not only does it release so much carbon into the atmosphere but it also causes so much environmental degradation with all the chemical and radioactive pollution. We will explore this at Peacestock. Don’t miss this opportunity (Register Here).  Discussion, music and thoughtful dialogue always at Peacestock.

Sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapters 115 & 27 and Kessel Peace Institute Mankato - Free and open to all.


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