Chapter 72 Attends Senator Merkley's Town Hall

January 18, 2018

This most recent report was submitted by VFP Board Member Dan Shea

"I spoke with Senator Merkley about Veterans For Peace  campaign to Save the VA, No Privatization and gave him an AFGE flyer to vote No on HR 4243.

 At this event they did the pledge of allegiance and then had these beautiful voices called the Freedom Singers sing the Star Spangle Banner. 
You can see from the photos I knelt during the song in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick's selfless and courageous protest to police brutality supporting Black Lives Matter. 
also a photo of me and Jack Herbert who was bannering to Stop US Funding to Honduran Killers in the recent stolen elections in Honduras by the incumbent Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez. 
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras –  Protests against the re-election of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez have turned violent with security forces firing tear gas and some marchers breaking windows and setting fires.
Jack is bannering with comrades John Walsh who had just returned from Honduras and will be returning soon and Maribel Gomez Honduran Activist, all with the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee. "
Image taken by VFP member Nancy Hill