Sacramento Chapter 87-Armistice Day

November 15, 2016
Since we Veterans For Peace folks were not able to participate in this years parade – due to our own circumstances, not the promoters – we chose a second strategy to make our presence felt anyway. A few of our members, and friends, (about four) distributed dozens and dozens of copies (maybe more than 100) of our VFP newspaper to the waiting parade viewers.
A BIG thanks to: Barry B., Nancy M., Dick M., Stan D ​and Don K.
This alternative presence may not have been as dramatic as our usual parade presence, but it might actually have been more effective in getting our VFP message out to the public. Early parade viewers had a chance to read about our actions and views while just sitting around waiting for the parade to start, and take the newsletter home for later perusal.
It is my hope that we will be able to do this again next years – and be in the parade.
John C. Reiger
President, VFP Ch. 87