Victory Over Violence Against Women & Girls Day by April Adams

February 13, 2015

I look down and see a girl, dressed in her Sundays best. Those around her tell her, "women do not speak in the church, they create gossip". Quietly she slips inside herself.

I look up and see a soldier, wearing the Army uniform. At the end of a 10 year term, she is told by her sergeant that, "because you are a woman, you have to work 110% to prove yourself". She stands there and says, "want a broken nose?". She has become violent to fit in.

Violence towards any, girl or woman, is not just words said, it's practiced, all over. Societies are set up to keep women from being the natural selves they are, nurturers.

It is not enough that we harm others cause of skin tone, belief, sex, etc. we even go so far as to annihilate the goddess in us all. For how we treat our Mother Earth, is how we treat ourselves and each other.

May Peace have Her way,

April "Little Red Feather" Adams