VFP Chapter 145 in Anchorage, AK Update

September 01, 2013

Letter to AK Senators, ADN, Clarion, Washington Post, NYT, Redoubt

America is a land of opportunities. Today and tomorrows are opportunities to act aggressively against Syria or do nothing with respect to Syria. This seems to be the box our President Obama and other leaders in Washington are offering us. Today I am choosing to think and act outside of this box. I refuse to be manipulated into approving a military strike against Syria by our President and his supporters.

Ann Curry of CNN reported today on Meet the Press there are over 1 million Syrian refugee children in refugee camps outside Syria. They have been exposed to war over the last two years, suffering the effects of weapons of mass destruction (AK-47s), bombs, wounds,loss of parents, etc. I am proposing that we, America act peacefully to support these children today and in the future.

How we in America do peacefully support refugee Syrian Children is unclear to me, My 800$ PFD is going to support Syrian Children in OCT.

--submitted by Hugh Hays, hrhays@alaska.net

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