Cindy Sheehan consoles Korean War vet

June 11, 2013

The photo in the article was taken when Cindy Sheehan was in Toledo this past Sunday on the "tour de peace." We visited several community functions, including one at a display of a half-scale model of the Vietnam war memorial wall. The first person we said hello to, turned out to be a Korean war vet, pushing a buddy of his in a wheelchair. Cindy andJohn Mockenstrum, in the photo, talked for several minutes about the futility of war. WhenJohn started talking about the wasted lives depicted on the wall he wept.

Other than our visit, the park was abuzz with military hardware (including an armored personnel carrier given to the Toledo police by the feds), Huey Chopper rides and amphibious vehicle rides in the Maumee river. I didn't see it, but a friend said that the day before, there was even an army recruiting tent near where the wall was set up, which gives the term "brazen" new meaning.

Submitted by past board member Mike Ferner