Board Member Expectations

Thank you for considering running for the Veterans For Peace National Board of Directors. Serving on the Veterans For Peace Board is an honor and responsibility bestowed on board members by the consent of Veterans For Peace general membership.

There are thirteen board members. Board elections are held for four to five seats each year. A full term of office for a director is three years. The term is from January 1 to December 31. Directors cannot serve more than two full terms consecutively.

Board Member Responsibilities

The best place to really start when thinking about running for the VFP National Board of Directors is with the Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose and our national by-laws. The Statement of Purpose clearly lays out the core of what Veterans For Peace is all about as an organization and the by-laws outline the authority of the board, the board officers and the election process.

Below are the board expectations as outlined in the Veterans For Peace National Board Policy Book:

Board Member Expectations

The collective responsibilities of the Board are laid out in the bylaws; the following expectations are a guide to individual member responsibilities.


1)       Be familiar with bylaws and policies of VFP

2)       Physically attend quarterly Board meetings

3)       Participate in monthly Board conference calls

4)       Support and participate in fundraising efforts for VFP

5)       Participate in online discussion, conference calls and voting

6)       Chair and/or actively serve on committees

7)       Attend, participate, promote and assist with the yearly National Convention

8)       Be available to membership for questions and concerns about VFP

9)       Be a strong voice in promoting VFP at national and local level

10)     Actively participate in financial oversight

11)     Support collective Board decisions