SOA Watch Returns to Fort Benning

VFP enthusiastically supports this year's theme Commemorative Gathering - Bridging the Past and Present Remembering the 30th Anniversary of The UCA Massacre. 

SOAW strives to expose, denounce, and end US militarization, oppressive US policies and other forms of state violence in the Americas. Often these Latin American political and economic policies are directly linked to forced displacement, increased violence, and militarized borders. And as we call attention to the militarization of the border and Latin America, we also call for an end to state-sponsored terrorism and violence against our communities inside the United States.

We stand with organizations and movements working for justice and peace throughout the Americas. There is no wall or border that can deter the solidarity of the people!

RiverMill Event Center 3715 First Ave., Columbus

Panel 1 - SOAW Staff: Where we are and where we are headed
Panel 2 - Paths forward: Practical ways to make positive change

South Gate Entrance - Fort Benning Road
Litany and Procession

*Please note that the SOAW gathering will be smaller this year without as many planned activities.  However, the SOAW Committee felt it was important to gather on the anniversary of this year.

Veterans For Peace at Ft. Benning

Veterans For Peace will gather together for the march and march together.  We will also gather for an informal meeting.  Stay tuned for details.

For Housing:

Veterans For Peace has reserved 20 rooms at the Candlewood Suites, (3389 Victory Dr., Columbus, GA).  Candlewood Suites are conviently located near the gates and also very close to Disabled American Veterans, (where VFP will meet on Saturday).

To get the special VFP rate of $94/night, single or double, you need to call Candlewood Suites: 706-683-9900

We would encourage folks to get doubles and share with someone else, making it $45/night. We could actually get 40 Veterans in the same hotel that way!

If there are any problems receiving the rate, please contact Mike Tork:

VFP Meeting:

Meeting 8 PM Saturday at Disabled American Veterans (1000 Victory Dr., Columbus, GA)