Veteran Voices: Why We Joined CCMP

Veteran Voices: Why We Joined CCMP



Garett Reppenhagen

Army Cavalry/Scout Sniper
Veterans For Peace Executive Director

 Two Soldiers' View of War (Ralph Nader Radio Hour) with VFP Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen and Erik Edstrom 



I don't want to see my child struggling in a world filled with famine, natural disasters, climate refugees, and violence to meet scarce resource demands. As a former U.S. Army sniper in Iraq I feel it is necessary to speak out against unchecked militarism

Our world is a beautiful and vulnerable place. We must address the harmful impacts war and militarism have on the environment if we hope to undo the damage humans have wrought on the Earth.   Save the planet, save ourselves. Peace Now.



Adrienne Kinne

Army - Arabic Linguist

Veterans For Peace Board Member







Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.

Air Force Veteran

President and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus





We need the next generation to grow up in a world that is not affected by the environmental impacts of militarism. As an Air Force veteran, I have seen the effects war has on climate change. It is critical that we act now to protect our environment and th

My reason for joining is simple — I wanted change.  As I make changes in my own life for sustainable living,  I also wanted to be part of something bigger. I feel like I have been shouting for so long without getting anywhere. Being in this group makes me



Louis Raprager

U.S. Navy

Climate Crisis & Militarism Project Social Media Chair







Jim Janko

Army Medic

Veterans For Peace Member:
Chapter 63 - Albuquerque, NM

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In Viet Nam, I saw first-hand the destruction in the Cu Chi and Tay Ninh countryside, the forests and fields razed by bombs and defoliants, the land seemingly stripped of all life for as far as the eye could see.  The destruction occurring because of clim

I love this world and this planet. I have been aware of climate change in Minnesota since 1992 when I first noticed  our winters beginning to change. Since then, I have noticed more  and more negative consequences of climate change.   I liken it to losing




Barry Riesch

U.S. Army
Vietnam ('69-'70), 11C10 Mortarman

Veterans For Peace Member:
Chapter 27 - Minneapolis, MN