Military Trauma Working Group


Sam Coleman, PhD, MSW,


Our role, as VFP members who hate war, is to speak truth to the causes of veterans' psychological pain and work for its amelioration.  We strive to:

  • create new alliances among veterans, clinicians, researchers and the public for understanding psychological injuries from military service.
  • devise ways of reaching out to all veterans who carry the immense burden of their war experiences but do not seek help because they are thoroughly disillusioned and alienated from our country's formal institutions.
  • provide valuable information that is not censored or adulterated by our country's ambient pro-military ideology.
  • cooperate with sister VFP working groups in information exchange.
  • bear witness to the true costs of war in the lives of veterans and their loved ones.
The Concerned Clinicians and Researchers Network (CCRN) represents a new organizational effort for anti-war clinicians, researchers and advocates.  Please visit the CCRN web site at

2016 Projects

  1. We encourage you to read and discuss David J. Morris 'The Evil Hours:  A Biography of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  This book combines the author's personal experience with his extensive study of clinicians' approaches to military stress, past and present.  Morris criticizes the mainstream interventions currently offered to veterans, and he identifies the dysfunction in America today that aggravates veterans' problems.  The book is now available in paperback.  (Remember: if you don't have a local independent book seller, Amazon Smile gives VFP a modest cut of the sale price.)  You can form a local reading and discussion circle with this book as your first topic. The Evil Hours may not give us the final word on this complicated subject, but it offers an excellent starting point for understanding and reform.

  2. Want to encourage more open discussion between veterans and everyone who cares?  Here's a valuable documentary you can view and share.  Once you see the meaning of this effort you can organize a screening!

The Military Trauma Working Group welcomes those projects that fit our mission statement and inspire members to make them real.

For discussion

A troubling issue among antiwar supporters of veterans concerns advocacy without militarism. Can we get help without hooah? A case in point is Roland Van Deusen's intro to his heartfelt (and evidently effective!) brief public service announcement --URL below. Can we present an effective message without a "thank you for your service / keeping us free" theme? Roland has made it clear that he's OK with an edit-out of his PSA's initial statement, but he also wants it to reach as many veterans and their loved ones as possible. Comments welcome!