Prosecute War Criminals Working Group


Ron Fisher,


Members of the VFP Prosecute War Criminals Working Group will:
Utilize the principles, strategy, plans and documentation outlined in and to initiate and pursue these prosecutions which will include opportunities for humane and restorative justice for both the victims and perpetrators of these crimes

  • Repudiate any notion of immunity and impunity and initiate the prosecutions of high level.
  • Demand legal redress in all jurisdictions, local, state, national and international.
  • Inform and educate our public servants, VFP members and others on criminal justice procedures, war crimes, restorative justice, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), civil rights, criminal justice reform and related subjects.
  • Expand the scope of this WG to include corporation executives and additional crimes.
  • Work with other like-minded individuals, groups and organizations

VFP's Work

As veterans and citizens we are obligated by the sacrifices of thousands of fellow service members, still uncounted, civilian deaths and injuries worldwide and by the desire that future generations may know everlasting peace to do this.

Please join our group or at least subscribe to our email list. You do not have to be an attorney.


U.S. Wars and Occupations can be permanently ended by prosecuting high level U. S. civilian and military officials who have engaged in Crimes against the Peace, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity.