Democracy/Constitution/War Powers Working Group


Ron Fisher, VFP, Washington DC Chapter;
Email:, 703-725-7849;

David Harris, VFP San Diego, CA Chapter,
Email:, 858-829-1337


Members of the VFP Democracy/Constitution/War Powers Working Group will demand that public servants at all levels of government work with the people to refine and implement includes:

  • Adhere to the spirit and intent of their oath of office, uphold the Constitution and national and international laws
  • Enforce the rule of law and protect civil rights
  • Initiate immediate unilateral cease fires all over the world
  • Convert the Military Industrial Complex to Support a Peaceful, Green Economy with No Involuntary Layoffs
  • Put America and the World to Work: Providing Employment Opportunities for All in Meaningful Work at Living Wages
  • Replace and/or humanely and privately prosecute public servants who will not do their jobs or break the law.
  • Inform and educate public servants, VFP members and others on democratic processes, our Constitution, war powers, the rule of law, etc.
  • Work with other like-minded individuals, groups and organizations

As veterans and citizens we are obligated to do all this


Our public servants are:

  • Conducting unconstitutional, illegal wars, occupation, torture, arrests and renditions
  • Have enacted well over a hundred unjust, unconstitutional laws

Giving banks and stockbrokers trillions of dollars and spending a trillion dollars annually on unjust wars, occupations and offensive weapons systems While cutting school teachers, fire fighters, social workers, food stamps, etc.



  1. Develop and deliver an education program with regard to the current status of our Democracy, the need to uphold our Constitution and vacate as null and void unconstitutional laws and court rulings as part of the Curriculum of the    Global Factual Information and Education Program
  2. Work with Congress to Refine and implement Common Agenda Action Plans Numbers:

a.     13  Vacate as Null and Void the War Powers Act, all AUMFs and Scores of Other Unconstitutional, Unjust and-or Injurious Laws in particular:

b.     Section 13.4 Action: Vacate as Null and Void the Following Unconstitutional, Unjust and/or Injurious Laws

                                               i.     13.4.2  All War Power Laws

                                             ii.      13.4.3 All War Funding Laws

                                            iii.     13.4.4  Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs)