VFP Peace Walk

Visit the website to learn more - Peacewalk2024.org

We are walking for an end to war, especially the looming threat of nuclear war. We are walking for the children, that they may grow up without the worry of nuclear Armageddon or the climate crisis. 
We are walking because everyone everywhere deserves a decent job, food, shelter, medical care and education. We are walking because all life on this planet is precious.
We are walking because our common welfare here at home is more important than supporting some 800 military bases around the world, more important than the profits earned from an obscenely bloated Pentagon budget and forever wars.
We are walking in solidarity with the heroic people of Gaza who are determined to survive a brutal genocide, and for West Bank Palestinians living, resisting and dying for 75 years under Israeli apartheid and occupation.
We are walking because the United States does not need an empire that dominates the globe merely to satisfy the greed and lust for power of the very few. 
We are walking because we do not need an economy based on manufacturing missiles, tanks, cancer-causing depleted uranium weapons, cluster bombs that continue to kill children and others for generations, and nuclear weapons, which threaten all life on earth. 
We are walking to save the oceans and the whales, dolphins and sea creatures that we are intimately connected with.
We are walking because the greed for profits from fossil fuels and wars is polluting and destroying the very land, water and air we need to survive.
We are walking the land with awareness that it was stolen from those who lived here for thousands of years before us. 
We are walking to express solidarity with indigenous Nations and their deep respect and love for Mother Earth, living with Her, not in domination and abuse of Her.
We are walking because there must be another way, because militarism and war will never be the answer. 
Ultimately, we are walking for people, peace and life on this beautiful planet we all cherish.