Homeless Veterans Working Group


Jack Doxey, doxeyassoc@san.rr.com


To act as a vehicle in aiding all the chapters of, Veterans for Peace, by providing processes/activities and support that they can use to help the homeless veterans and their families in their area.

Our group will be the repository for various proven ways for helping the homeless as well as pointing out some of the barriers to avoid. These practices (gathered from various chapters) will have been already proven out to be effective and will allow any chapter to quickly adopt these best practices and put them into play in their area.


The homeless situation continues to worsen in the United States. Approximately 30% of all homeless are veterans. Our government is now talking about bringing home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these returning veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), alcoholism, drug abuse and depression. They may not be able to cope with everyday life situations, such as the stress of the workplace and many will wind up homeless and in an environment that could cause them to run afoul of the justice system. All of this makes an already bad situation even worse.