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Veterans For Peace is a US-based global organization of military veterans and allies dedicated to opposing war, militarism and intervention in the affairs of other nations. We use our unique experience as veterans to educate our communities about the true costs of war and to build a culture of peace. We aim to heal the wounds of war suffered by military personnel, veterans and their families, as well as the wounds that our war-making has caused around the globe.  Our network is comprised of over 100 chapters in the U.S. and worldwide.  Join our movement and help put an end to war and injustice.

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Any member who gives $1,000 within one calendar year will be recognized as a lifetime member of Veterans For Peace, and will receive a golden membership card. You can choose to pay monthly contributions or a one time donation towards lifetime membership. 

Scholarships are available for members in financial hardship who want to remain active in Veterans For Peace. Please contact the National Office at for assistance with your membership dues.