Resolution 2023-7: Observing the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

Whereas, in observance of the 70 th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Agreement this July, it is timely for us to reflect on the Forgotten War and chart a new U.S. policy for Korea;

Whereas, in Paragraph 60, the military Commanders of both sides recommended to their governments to hold a political conference to negotiate “the questions of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Korea, the peaceful settlement of the Korean question, etc. “within three months” of signing the Armistice;

Whereas, the U.S. government quickly undermined the Paragraph in October 1953 by signing a mutual defense treaty with the ROK government, which allowed the U.S. to station its “land, air and sea forces” in South Korea indefinitely; and

Whereas, all other foreign troops involved in the Korean War had been withdrawn from Korea by 1970s,while some 30,000 U.S. troops are still based in Korea today - although the ROK military is now ranked as the 6th most powerful in the world (;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, Veterans For Peace, voting by its members in 2023,

  1. Declares that Korean people are also entitled to enjoy their right to peace, human security, and self-determination without U.S. military domination and political interference in Korea;
  2. Calls upon U.S. government to end the forever U.S. War in Korea with a peace treaty or withdraw its troops from South Korea by 2025;
  3. Calls upon American people to support the Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act (H.R. 1369) as a first step to ending the dangerous, costly Forgotten War finally; and 
  4. Urges VFP members and local Chapters to send a copy of this resolution to their respective members of Congress.

Submitted by John Kim

Cosponsored by VFP's Korea Peace Campaign and VFP Chapters 34, 55, 113.