Resolution 2023-3: Preventing Gun Violence

Election Results: Passed
Approve: 89 

Disapprove: 5

Abstain: 5

Note: If passed by the membership, this resolution will also take the place of a Stopping Gun Violence resolution (2004) and Gun Violence resolution (2013)

Whereas, often members of Veterans For Peace have often experienced the effects of gun violence first-hand, and

Whereas, veterans have a special voice in spreading the message of stopping the violence perpetuated by the use of guns, which includes veterans using a gun to take their own lives;

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges it’s members and Chapters to work to stop gun violence and to support like-minded groups (such as, but not limited to, organizationslike Veterans For Gun Reform - Brady, Everytown For Gun Safety, Gifford Veterans Coalition, Sandy Hook Promise), and

Be It Further Resolved that Veterans for Peace supports legislation that would 

Be it further resolved that VFP members are urged to work for enactment of these types of legislation.

Submitted by

Mike Felker, Chapter 31 and approved by the membership in 2004.

Submitted by Rev. John T. Mathison - Former POW Stalag Luft 1, VFP Member-At-Large and approved by the membership in 2013 and new language by Mike Felker, Chapter 31 in 2023.