2021 Ballot Info

For information on the 2021 Business Meeting, please click here

Watch the Bylaws and Resolutions recording.


Proposed Resolutions
 2021-01 Arctic Nuclear Weapons Free Zone  
 2021-02 Dump Postmaster General DeJoy


 2021-03 End U.S. Military Control over the South Korean Armed Forces  
 2021-04 Resist U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean   
Proposed ByLaws


2022 Board Candidates 
Jeremiah Knowles Dave Logsdon Mike Tork
Jeff Paterson
Danny Beever
Louis Raprager Nick Mottern Eric Wasileski
Nyamekye C Anderson

Leonard Campos


Watch the recording of the Meet the Candidates Forum!



Dear Members,

We are excited to announce online voting this year!  Every year, we vote on proposed bylaws and resolutions, and we elect new members to our Board of Directors.  This year will be the first time the voting electronic option is offered.  In the past we have mailed paper ballots to our membership  --  an expensive, time consuming endeavor, with less than one third of VFP members voting.  It is our hope that offering an electronic option will increase voter turnout.  

What we need from you: Please go to this form and update us with your most current contact information, including your PRIMARY email address.  With the new process, an electronic ballot will be sent to each member using their primary address.  It’s okay to have multiple email addresses on file, but we need to know which one is primary so we know where to send your ballot.  We also need to make sure we have the most up-to-date snail mail address for paper ballots.  Please be sure to allow emails from invitation@mail.electionbuddies.com, so your  ballot does not go into your spam folder. If you are not interested in voting, please use the same form to abstain.  That will save us from paying to send you a paper ballot.

Paper ballots are not going away.  Paper ballots will be sent to anyone who prefers to vote in this manner.  Veterans For Peace has contracted with Election Buddy to oversee the voting process this year.  There are 3 options for voting: via paper ballot, via phone, or submitting your ballot over the internet.  Paper ballots will go out on 30 Oct, to anyone who has not yet voted electronically or abstained, and should be postmarked by Nov 30th in order to be received and counted. 

We had a Meet the Candidates event  on September 22nd where we heard form the folks running for our Board of Directors. You can watch the recording here.

We will send out electronic ballots on Oct 8th.  If you would be so kind as to do your electronic voting before Oct 29th, you will help VFP save money since we won’t have to pay for a paper ballot to go out.  For reference, it costs about $3.29 for each paper ballot that goes out, comes back and is counted. If 1,000 people need paper ballots, that comes out to $3290.  So please vote electronically if you can!  Paper ballots will go out to all those who have not voted electronically October 30th and must be postmarked by November 30th.

Voting will close on December 15th, and results will be available by Dec 17th.  

Don’t forget to fill out this form and keep an eye out for your electronic or paper ballot soon!


Thank you,

Garret Reppenhagen
Veterans For Peace
Executive Director