Resolution 2020-8 Shut Down Red Hill Naval Fuel Tanks

PASSED: Y-424, N-6

Whereas, the US military illegally occupied the Kingdom of Hawai'i in building its empire of bases, leaving a legacy of ecocide it perpetuates into the future of its peoples;

Whereas, the US military appropriated Kapūkahi located on a mountain range on O'ahu Island during WWII to construct the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, consisting of 20 fuel tanks storing 225 million gallons of fuel — just about 100 feet above the Southern O'ahu Basal Aquifer, the principal source of water for much of Honolulu and the island;

Whereas. records show the facility has leaked at least 200,000 gallons of fuel, 27,000 gallons from a single tank (Tank 5) in 2014;

Whereas, studies have detected traces of petroleum chemicals in the groundwater near the tanks where no effort has been to clean up the leaked fuel;

Whereas, the Navy's own studies cite that there is a 27.6% chance that the facility could leak another 33,000 gallons ever year and could have chronic leaks, releasing upwards of 5,800 gallons of fuel annually;

Whereas, after the Navy studied various tank upgrade options, it preferred the least protective and least expensive option, that includes keeping original steel tank liners, and using undefined, undetermined future technology maybe around 2045;

Whereas, in spite of the risks, history of leaks, overwhelming public opposition and no progress on tank upgrades —the Navy brought tank 5 back into operation in March 2020;

Whereas, in violation of Hawai'i's Department of Health, the Navy's Red Hill tanks are operating without a permit;

Therefore, Be It Resolved that Veterans for Peace (VFP)

  1. Calls for the shut down of the Red Hill Fuel Tanks, and
  2. Relocate such facilities away from any public drinking waters sources.


(submitted by VFP-Ch. 113, O'ahu)
Chapter co-coordinator Pete Doktor



 Board and Committee:

Resolutions Committee Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved

Convention Floor Vote:

Pro: 155 No:1 Abstain: 6