Resolution 2020-7 Cancel Enormous Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Naval War Rehearsals

Whereas, the US military illegally overthrew the sovereign Kingdom of Hawai`i to expand its empire of bases and training areas at sacrifice of the local ecology and peoples;

Whereas, the US military occupation suppresses Hawaiian sovereignty and self-determination that continues to displace the people;

Whereas, the US military uses Hawai`i as the US Indo-Pacific Command center, where it promotes the largest international maritime exercise in the world, RIMPAC (“Rim of the Pacific”), as another means to project power throughout the Pacific Rim peoples;

Whereas, grassroots Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and local allies have adamantly protested RIMPAC since its inception in 1971;

Whereas, in spite of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the US military insisted with utter indifference to public health, safety or opinion, to host RIMPAC 2020 bringing in 26 nations, 47 surface ships, 5 submarines, over 200 aircraft and 25,000+ foreign military personnel concentrated into the waters of Hawai`i;

Whereas, RIMPACʻs violent exercises violate many domestic and international laws, endangering human and non-human life;

Whereas, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation increases during RIMPAC activities;

Whereas,  the US military has a long horrific record of devastating the Hawaiian Islands through routine exercises, from the bombings of Kaho`olawe Island stopped by the Kanaka Maoli, to the continued razing of Pohakuloa, from the military waging war against Hawaii’s ecosystem as routine operations, to the wholesale slaughter of marine mammals; 

Therefore, Be It Resolved that Veterans for Peace (VFP)

  1. Calls for the cancellation of RIMPAC war exercises;
  2. Urges the demilitarization of Hawai`i and throughout the Pacific Rim.



Submitted by Chapter 113 (Hawaii)

Chapter co-coordinator Pete Doktor 

Chapter co-coordinator Ann Wright 



 Board and Committee:

Resolutions Committee Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved

Convention Floor Vote:

Pro: 154 No: 2 Abstain: 7


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