Resolution 2020-02 Pivot to Peace with China and the World

Whereas, Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies dedicated to building a culture of peace by using our experiences to inform the public of the true causes and enormous costs of wars, seeking to heal the wounds of wars, and working to end all wars and hostilities between nations, and
Whereas, the so-called Pivot to Asia of 2011 was in fact a pivot toward war and confrontation that that identified China as a competitor and adversary, carrying with it the threat of nuclear war, and

Whereas, this dangerous policy has created palpable feelings of fear, animosity and even hatred not only toward the People's Republic of China but toward Chinese people in general and Chinese-American citizens and other Asian peoples in the United States, and

Whereas, humanity now faces multiple crises which threaten the well-being and very survival of our species, crises which demand the cooperation of the two largest and most powerful countries, China and the United States,

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges the government of the United States to reject escalation towards global conflict and instead pursue peace, non-intervention, and cooperation with China and the rest of the world


Submitted by: Eugene Ruyle, VFP Member
Endorsed by VFP Chapters 20 & 69

 Board and Committee:

Resolutions Committee Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved
Board of Directors Recommendation:  Appropriate and Approved


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It is unfortunate to see that the 2020 VFP resolution on China completely ignores the millions of Hong Kong citizens who faced violent repression in the streets of their city for their demands for freedom.  The BBC and other reliable sources have reported widely that the Chinese government has detained up to a million Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China. They have been reportedly detained in what the state defines as "re-education camps". The Chinese government is  also accused of a programme of forced sterilisation against Uighur women.   These are very serious issues that those who seek friendship with China should be aware of.  Nevertheless, in light of the Trump Administration's hostility and flagrant attempts to raise tensions with China, as way to detract attention from Trump's many failures, it is very proper for VFP to urge the government of the United States to reject escalation towards global conflict and instead pursue peace, non-intervention, and cooperation with China and the rest of the world. The Resolution should be passed.    
Posted by Andrew Berman on
Our Pivot to Peace with China and the World Resolution was proposed by Chapter 162 and of course endorsed by Chapter 162. As President, I proposed it on behalf of my Chapter.
Posted by Eugene Ruyle on
The peace movement is divided on the question of human rights and democracy in China.  Some agree with Andrew’s comment that China has serious human rights issues, but that war, particularly a possible nuclear war, is not the answer.  Others argue that much of what we think we know about human rights in China is actually false US propaganda from intelligence sources or funded by the NED and other US government sources.  Here’s some more information: 

The HK government side: From the South China Morning Post, a mainstream newspaper showing both sides:

  • A webinar (1 hour, 15 minutes) by Pivot To Peace, giving an overall view of the new US Cold War on China:

  Because of this division within the peace movement, we carefully worded our resolution so that both sides could support it, without having to first resolve their different views on the internal issues within China.  They can both agree that a big war is not the solution.  Thanks, everyone! 
Posted by Michael Wong on
Thanks to the commenters for bringing up this important issue.  
This is old school critical thinking, but when you evaluate a claim, you can look at the logic of the claim, the source/the credibility of the claim, and think critically about the timing, what end it serves, and whether emotions are being manipulated.  
I invite anyone who is interested in the issues about Xinjiang to honestly track them back to the source, and see if they are credible. Almost of all of it traces back to Adrian Zenz, a member of a Nazi-affiliated "deep state" organization, who has claimed it is his mission from God to destroy China. He also believes that a failure to beat children, to allow women to work outside of the home, and to tolerate gays "is the work of the anti-Christ". His claims about China come from the same distorted fundamentalism.  He also believes contraception in China (IUD's) amounts to "sterilization" and is a deliberate plan for "birth genocide".  (Other related claims can be traced to ASPI, the WUC, all funded or related to the centers of US State power.  They are all unreliable narrators; note also that Zenz's profile on Wikipedia has been purged and locked, but Grayzone has a good profile)
Second, I invite people to exercise a little critical judgement.  For example, Zenz and his propagandists claim that between 1 and 3 million people are held in concentration camps.  Taking the median figure at face value, this would mean that about half of the adult Uighur population is being held in camps. Let's disregard the fact that would result in the total paralysis of Uighur society.  Let's just think about the infrastructure: a city the size of Manhattan, or three times the size of San Francisco that would be needed to house such a population.  Is it credible that that could be hidden from satellite view or scrutiny?  Alternatively, to use the US as a point of comparison, the US holds 2.2 million people in 6000+ facilities (1,943 Federal & State facilities, 1772 Juvenile facilities, 3314 jails, 228 immigration prisons, and more).  Is it possible to hide all that infrastructure?  
If you have the time, check out also honest observers who have been to the region.  They will attest that it is a thriving, multi-cultural region, with a thriving religious culture, and Mosques everywhere (25,000 mosques; one for every 509 believers).  There are no bans on religious practice or ritual.  Every allegation of religious oppression can be shown to be without merit.  
Then why are we being fire-hosed with this propaganda?  Why is it being recycled daily in the elite press, the MSM, in the internet, and even on comedy shows?   What is the timing of this?  
The simple fact that the US is officially at war with China--not only tech war, trade war, lawfare, diplomatic war, academic war, but information warfare.  The US has declared China a "revisionist power" (=enemy) and states it is in "great power competition" (=at war) with it. Think what the US has done every time it goes to war: it concocts a vast tissue of lies designed to create pity, fear, (and outrage) to justify the aggression and to short-circuit any critical thinking.   Those in power who tell you absurdities are literally preparing you for atrocities.  
Please don't take any of my word for this.  Check the sources, think through the logic, and why this is happening, and happening now.  And encourage others to do the same
Posted by K.j.noh on
Michael Wong makes a valuable contribution to the discussion and also to Veterans for Peace as a democratic organization by providing links that show different points of view about events in China. By inherently rejecting the notion that VFP should have a single party-line view on an important international matter, we reaffirm our tolerance for dissent within our organization.  We can and should oppose the aggression of the US government without discounting, denying or apologizing for the misdeeds of other nations.  I believe that there is clear evidence that Chinese government has committed terrible crimes against the people of Hong Kong, crimes against peaceful protesters in Tiananmen Square and crimes against the Uighur and other Muslim minorities.  Yet none of that justifies the aggressive threatening policies of the Trump administration against China.  We can oppose US intervention in the Middle East without denying or justifying the massive military intervention of Russia in Syria in support of their compliant murderous puppet Assad. When we understand that we need not choose between war-makers, but remain strongly opposed to all war making, we stand tall and strong as Veterans for Peace. Let us pass this resolution with that courage in mind.
Posted by Andrew Berman on
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