Resolution 2019-12: Requesting Investigation by GAO (Government Accountability Office) and U.S. Armed Services Committee in the New Base Construction in Henoko, Okinawa

Whereas, the Futenma Replacement Facility construction is now estimated to take until 2040-2045 - a half-century after its original proposal and, 

Whereas, the environmental assessment carried out by the Okinawa Defense Bureau has been discredited by the Okinawan government and Okinawan and Japanese environmental experts and, 

Whereas, some maps show two active faults directly below the site while Okinawa Defense Bureau experts say it is safe to ignore these and,

Whereas, the Standard Penetration Test has, in some parts of Oura Bay, yielded a N-value of 0 – the consistency of mayonnaise and will require the insertion of 77,000 sand piles (pillars) and,

Whereas, an Okinawa Times survey indicated that there are buildings and transmission towers near the site that exceed FAA and DOD height limit regulations and,

Whereas, the Okinawa Defense Bureau reports on the N-value 0 sea bottom were dated in 2015 and was kept from the Okinawan public until 2018 and,

Whereas, on February 24, 2019, a prefectural referendum on the project gave the result of 71.74% opposing the Henoko landfill, 

Therefore, we, Veterans For Peace request that an investigation be conducted on these concerns by GAO and DOD in the new base construction in Henoko.