ByLaw-01 Bylaws Resolution Voting Clarification

PASS (Y 344, N 48)


Rationale: To clarify in the bylaws when members officially vote on resolutions, the Resolution Committee requests two short additions to Article 10, Section 3. One addition clarifies that at the convention membership meeting, resolution votes there are non-binding, and secondly, that the official resolution voting takes place as described as in Article 7 (Elections) of the bylaws.

Article 10, Section 3. Voting.
All Members, including both Full Members and Associate Members, shall be entitled to speak to resolutions presented before the Annual Convention. All Members, including both Full Members and Associate Members, shall be entitled to one non-binding vote on resolutions. Only Full Members may vote on bylaw amendments. The procedure for voting for both resolutions and bylaws changes will take place in the same manner and time as the elections for the Board of Directors as described in Article 7 (Elections) of the bylaws.

Bob Krzewinski
VFP Resolutions Committee

Board supports proposed bylaw

Board Reasoning:

The bylaw change clarifies ambiguous and unclear language.

Convention Vote:

Convention Video

72 Aye
0 Nay
0 Abstentions


No one spoke against the amendment.



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