Resolution 2019-6 Modification Of The Name Of Our Organization

This resolution was deemed as a by-law proposal, so was rejected as a resolution proposal.

Whereas, since its inception in 1985, Veterans For Peace has emerged as the leading veterans organization advocating the end of war and militarization, and

Whereas, war and militarization are the root causes of racism, economic inequality, social injustice, and environmental exploitation in our nation and throughout the world, and

Whereas, VFP has recognized and acknowledged through previously adopted Resolutions, with on-going Projects and Working Groups, and by Peace at Home, Peace Abroad initiatives that peace by itself is not enough, and

Whereas, peace without justice still allows injustices, persecutions, and exploitations to continue, such as the case in many of our own seemingly tranquil communities and in several parts of the world not at war, and

Whereas, "No Justice, No Peace" is more than a protest chant. It proclaims the fundamental fact that justice is essential in order to achieve a real, meaningful, and lasting peace, and

Whereas, our organization should clearly and unequivocally confirm and embrace the linkage of peace and justice,

Therefore Be It Resolved, that our organization's name should be modified to be Veterans For Peace and Justice.

Submitted by Christopher Jamison, Chapter 51