Resolution 2019-04 Congress Repair/Repeal Parts of MISSION Act

Whereas, the Koch brothers, Concerned Veterans for America and some Congressional members have advocated privatizing the Veterans Administration (VA) since 2010, and

Whereas for decades VA provided rural community care (CC) for 2.8 of 9.3 million enrolled veterans -- on case by case basis, managed by primary care doctors, and

Whereas, CC outpatient visits accounted for 20% of VA outpatient visits annually, and

Whereas, the 2014 Choice program escalated CC appointments to 40% by October 2017, and

Whereas, today possibly 50% of all VA outpatient appointments are private care, and

Whereas, CC may be lower quality, have longer wait times, cost more than VA care, and

Whereas, experts allege MISSION Act (MA) regulations go beyond Congressional delegated authority resulting in CC costs eating up VA dollars/staff time allocated for VA facilities which combined with VA refusal to fill over 50,000 vacancies creates evermore staffing shortages/stress.

Therefore Be It Resolved VFP urges the following: Congress pass MISSION Act "repair" bill (such as Sen. Tester's bill (S.154) because privatizers are using non-congressionally and non-veterans service organization supported VA regulations to disassemble VA healthcare, and

Be It Further Resolved Congress pass legislation requiring CC providers submit to VA timely patient records enabling assurance of quality care provided veterans and to prevent contractor fraud, and

Be It Further Resolved Congress pass legislation providing segregated and adequate funding for CC and for care provided at VA facilities, and

Be It Further Resolved Congress repeal the MA Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission (Sen. Manchin and Rounds bill (S. 853) proposes repeal) which threatens to close rural and urban VA healthcare facilities instead of investing in modernization to provide veterans high quality, cost effective care, and

Be It Finally Resolved VFP members urge their Congressional members in writing or in person to act upon this resolution.

Submitted by Buzz Davis, VFP Chapter 13

Co-sponsored by VFP Chapter's 13, 102, 109, 122
For a listing of the 30+ individual co-sponsors, contact Buzz Davis at


Board Supports Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

Approved unanimously by membership at business meeting.


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