Resolution 2019-03 Expand VA Healthcare To All Veterans & Family Members

Resolution PASSED

Yes - 524
No - 51


Whereas, the Veterans Administration (VA) with over 420,000 workers and 1243 healthcare facilities is an admirable example of single-payer, single-provider healthcare serving over 7 million veterans in return for their service to our nation. In general, the VA provides high quality care at approximately 30% lower cost with better out comes than non-profit or for-profit healthcare with appointment wait times less than or equal to that of private care primary and specialty doctors, and

Whereas, studies of American private care estimate that more than 225,000 patients a year die of medical mistakes which is a death rate that VA healthcare does not share, and

Whereas, America's aging Baby Boomer veterans become sicker with age, many younger post 911 veterans are suffering debilitating life-long injuries, American incomes have stagnated while healthcare costs outpace inflation especially for those ill, all resulting in veterans less likely to have the income to pay for private care, Medicaid or Medicare supplementary costs.

Therefore Be It Resolved VFP calls upon Congress to expand VA healthcare eligibility to all America's 20 million veterans regardless of income, country of residence or discharge rating, providing all veterans with free healthcare including free prescription drugs, assisted living, skilled nursing and end of life care, and

Be It Further Resolved VFP urges Congress expand the above healthcare program to all immediate family members of veterans, and

Be It Further Resolved VFP calls for expansion of VA budgets, staffing and facilities to provide such additional healthcare, and

Be It Further Resolved VFP urges Chapters, Stop VA Privatization Work Group, and members, submit this resolution to all members of Congress, presidential candidates, and news media, and

Be It Finally Resolved that VFP members urge their Congressional members in writing or in person to act upon this resolution.

Submitted by Buzz Davis, Chapter 13

Co-sponsored by vote of Chapters 13, 80, 102, 109, 122
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Board Supports Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

Approved unanimously by membership at business meeting.