Resolution 2019-02 Dissolve the Fake “UN Command” in Korea

Whereas, on July 7, 1950, the United Nations (UN )Security Council recommended in its Resolution 84 (S/1588) the creation of a U.S.-led "Unified Command," but the U.S. soon started to call the entity unilaterally as the "United Nations Command" ("UNC"), and

Whereas, two UN officials--Secretary General Boutros-Ghali in 1994 and Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo in 2018—have confirmed that the "UNC" in Korea is neither a subsidiary organ of the UN nor under the control of the UN, and

Whereas, recognizing the abuse of the UN name, the UN General Assembly (GA) passed a Resolution in 1975 (A/RES/3390B), declaring that it is necessary to dissolve the so-called "UNC," and

Whereas, in spite of the GA Resolution and clarifications, the U.S. still maintains the fake "UNC" in South Korea and Japan today, as a useful instrument of war in the future or hegemonic control over the two countries, and

Whereas, contrary to a rising call for an official end to the long Korean War, the U.S. has been shamelessly revitalizing the "UNC" in recent years--even using the fake entity in 2018 to block the inter-Korean joint projects, such as connecting the transportation network across the DMZ, and

Whereas, it is the overwhelming desire of the people of Korea, U.S., Japan, China, and Russia to work together for a new era of peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans for Peace

1) Calls upon the U.S. administration to stop abusing the name of the "United Nations" and terminate the "UNC" in Korea promptly,

2) Calls upon the Congress to cut off all funds for further use of the fake "UNC" in Korea; and

3) Urges VFP members and local Chapters to send a copy of this resolution to their respective members of Congress.

Submitted by John Kim
VFP-Korea Peace Campaign

Cosponsored by VFP-Korea Peace Campaign and VFP Chapter 1003 (Ryukyu-Okinawa)


Board Supports Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

One abstention at Business meeting


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