Resolution 2019-01 VFP Global Warming Response Resolution

Resolution PASSED

Yes - 566
No - 13


Whereas, our planet is heating up, causing the extinction of thousands of life-forms, threatening the ability of humankind to survive, and

Whereas, the warming is largely the result of human activity, i.e. the consumption of fossil fuels, destruction of forests for hardwood and cattle-raising, and

Whereas, to control the world's oil and gas, the U.S. empire maintains over 450 military bases in the U.S., 800 more around the world and wages war at will in multiple nations, resulting in a U.S. military carbon footprint of one million barrels of oil per day or 5 percent of current global warming emissions, and

Whereas, every peace and justice issue impinges some aspect of climate change; wars fought over oil and gas, the re-direction of national resources away from education, healthcare and employment to support a global military presence, and

Whereas, there is a fast-growing global movement to address climate change, led by the world's youth who lose the most if global warming goes unchallenged. We need to combat the politics of wealth preservation and promote politics that preserve the planet.

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges its Chapters to set up work groups to:

  1. Make contact with legitimate organizations devoted to reversing climate change.
  2. Find out from them how our particular approach, as an anti-war organization, would fit into their educational outreach programs.
  3. Develop curricula and hand-out materials to assist students from grammar school to college age in their own efforts to affect policies.
  4. Train teams willing to participate to approach their community schools on the matter of climate change.
  5. Actively lobby legislators and participate in direct actions to emphasize the importance of this issue.

Submitted by Wilson (Woody) Powell

Cosponsored by Michael Ferner -, Gerald Steele -


Board Supports Resolution


Convention Vote: Passed

Approved unanimously by membership at business meeting.