Workshops are one of the most important activities during the Veterans For Peace annual conventions. Most of them are organized and led by Veteran For Peace members. We greatly appreciate the time and effort presenters put into creating their workshops.

Usually there are two days of workshops. This year there is only one day, Friday, August 16, therefore time slots are more limited than in past years. As a result, not all workshops will be selected.

Workshops that follow the theme of the convention, Sacred Lands, Sacred Lives: Peace Knows No Borders, and/or address these issues—

  • Climate Change and Militarism/The Environmental Cost of War
  • U.S. Intervention Around the Globe

—will receive high preference but are not guaranteed acceptance.


If we receive two or more proposals on the same or similar topics, we may ask you to combine your workshop with another presenter.

Convention registration for presenters: All workshop presenters are required to register for the convention. Workshop presenters do not receive free registration. However, on the registration form, workshop presenters are given the option to register at the reduced rate.

If you have questions regarding registration fees, please contact Shelly at 314-725-6005 or email her at

Application deadline: Deadline is now past due.  Please check back soon for a list of workshops!