Workshops are one of the most important activities during the Veterans For Peace annual conventions. Most of them are organized and led by Veteran For Peace members. We greatly appreciate the time and effort presenters put into creating their workshops.

Usually there are two days of workshops. This year there is only one day, Friday, August 16, therefore time slots are more limited than in past years. 

Workshops: Friday, August 16th
10:45-12:15 pm The Pentagon's Militarized Response to Climate Crisis
  War Comes Home: Supporting Veterans (and Society) in the Transition from Violence to Nonviolence
  Building a Movement through Chapter Building and Campaigns
  Veteran Homelessness Challenges to Solutions
  Nuclear Madness: Past Present and Future
  Gaza Freedom Flotilla
  How Can Veterans Unite Our Campaign to Stop Privatization of VA Healthcare With Progressives Fighting for Universal Health Care for All Americans in 2020?
1:45 - 3:15 pm Global Reach: From the Battle of Four Lakes to Genocide in Yemen - Placing Spokane and Fairchild in Context
  Militarism-Cost of War: Lasting Legacy of Agent Orange
  Divesting from the War Machine
  How to File for VA Benefits
  Deported Veterans Issues & Advocacy Project - Legislative Initiatives, Legislative Outreach Team Building, Unified Lobbying, and Fundraising
  Unspoken Borders: Knowing and Healing PTSD and Moral Injury
A Path Beyond Post Traumatic Stress to Recovery and Resilience. 
  Effective Strategy and Messaging- National Office
  Veterans For Peace Global Diplomacy: Climbers for Peace in Iran, Veterans Report Back from Nicaragua and Venezuela, The Iraq Water Project - 20 years on!