Resolution 2018-6 Protection of Refugee Children for Whom the US is Morally Responsible

PASS (Y 576, N 11)


Protection of Refugee and Asylee Children for Whom the U.S. is Morally Responsible

Whereas, protection of children and their unconditional care are fundamental responsibilities of every society, and

Whereas detention of refugee and asylee children and separation from their parents at our borders is traumatic and deplorable, and

Whereas most of these families from Central America, Mexico and the Middle East are seeking refuge or asylum from intolerable conditions of military, criminal and /or economic violence and have been forced from their homes and communities as a direct result of U.S. foreign policies, and

Whereas millions of Palestinian children and their families have been dispossessed and made homeless by Israel's violent settler colonialism, unconditionally supported by U.S. foreign aid and protected by 45 US vetoes of UN Security Council resolutions of censure, and

Whereas U.S. foreign aid to Israel is almost exclusively in the form of U.S. weapons, which are used to indiscriminately kill, injure and brutalize Palestinians of all ages under its occupation and blockade, and

Whereas Israel arrests, detains and tortures Palestinian children, with 300-400 typically imprisoned and denied due process at any given time, and

Whereas Israel has murdered thousands of Palestinian parents with bombs, missiles, snipers and other lethal violence, leaving their children traumatized and orphaned, and

Whereas our Foreign Assistance Act prohibits foreign aid to any country that "engages in a consistent pattern" of "gross human rights violations," and our Arms Export Control Act limits use of American weapons to "legitimate self-defense," not abuse of children under occupation;

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans for Peace acknowledges U.S. responsibility for many refugee children and their families, and calls upon our government to protect refugee children and their family integrity at our borders and to care for their need, and

Be It Further Resolved VFP acknowledges U.S. responsibility for Israeli impunity, and calls upon our government to discontinue all aid to Israel in compliance with U.S. law and permit the UN Security Council to hold Israel accountable for its abuses of Palestinian children and their families

Submitted by Jack Dresser
National vice-chair, Palestine and Middle East Working Group, Veterans for Peace

Board supports resolution

Board Reasoning:

The reason the board supports the resolution is self-evident in the resolution.

Convention Vote:

Convention Video

42 Aye
8 Nay
13 Abstentions


Pro: None submitted at this time

Con: I am against the resolution, not because of its substance, but because it is poorly written. You have eight whereas that seem to cover a wide range of issues. Is this a resolution calling for the United states to accept refugee children or is it a resolution to call for end of U.S. aid to Israel? These are two separate issues. Write a resolution about the refugee children or write a resolution about aid to Israel. Having the 2 things in the same resolution is badly written. I can't support this period.

Ben Griffin Chapter 1001 UK



I agree with Ben Griffin.
Posted by Gary Lynn on
America's support of Israel is the best example of it's hatered of non-white peoples, just as the 911 false-flag was the best thing to happen for the justification of it's hatred.
Posted by Joe on
I believe that it an effectual petition. U.S. aid to Israel will inevitably exacerbate the Human Rights violations.
Posted by Scott Norman Rosenthal on
U.S. aid and the Human Rights violations are inseparable. I support the petition.
Posted by Scott Norman Rosenthal on
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