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Sept 21

Protest Zelensky's meeting with U.S. War Profiteers in Austin TX

Stop $ Billions for War Profiteers
No to U.S./NATO Proxy War on Donbass & Russia
Protest at the War Profiteers Conference where Zelensky is scheduled to speak

12 noon to 7 pm
At the Austin Convention Center,
500 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

Ukrainian President Zelensky will headline the National Defense Industrial Association conference of war-profiting industries like Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.
This conference is being held to secure the already record-breaking war expenditures for the U.S./NATO proxy war against Russia. A major part of the agenda will address how the giant U.S. defense contractors can speed up production of high tech weapons.
While war profiteers and the Pentagon receive billions the U.S. infrastructure cannot even guarantee safe drinking water in the U.S. Today the people of Jackson, Mississippi face life-threatening denials of water, while the annual inflation rate is at its highest in over 40 years and the housing crisis intensifies as more families can no longer afford their rents or mortgage.
We are being asked to sacrifice our lives and our children's lives for the expansion of NATO, the most belligerent and violent military association in the history of the world, and the immense record profits of Raytheon and Lockheed and other merchants of death.
These weapons manufacturers are today's beneficiaries of the greatest single expenditures for war in the history of the U.S. The Biden Administration is now spending 70 billion dollars for this war, and they, along with the Republican Party encourage the government in Ukraine to not negotiate, but, instead escalate with billions more in weapons. This U.S. war effort also threatens China and recklessly provokes World War. The only way this will end is if we make our voices heard! Shut Down the NDIA - No More Money for U.S./NATO Wars!
If you cannot get to Austin, please consider supporting activists who are caravaning from the East and West Coasts and the region. Funds are desperately needed for gas, supplies and motel costs.
Donate Here of Venmo@Solidarity Center
For information text only to:
West Coast: 323-899-2003
East Coast: 410-218-4835
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Sept 11

Online, 2-4 PM Pacific | 4-6 PM Central | 5-7 PM Eastern

Resist US-Led War invites you to Fight Against Imperialist Wars: Campaign Report Back

Hear lessons and updates from the campaign tour to Europe to build the movement for a just and lasting peace!

From late June to early July, Resist US-Led War members integrated with peace advocates, workers’ organizations, national liberation, and revolutionary solidarity organizations in Europe and bore witness to their struggles against imperialist wars. We also participated in conferences and joined thousands of people at protest actions against the NATO Summit in Madrid. This reaffirmed to us the need to unite with all possible forces to end all wars of aggression.

Reaffirming that international solidarity is key in achieving just and lasting peace, anti-war organizations look forward to building and connecting peoples’ movements across the globe with a common goal of winning the people’s war against imperialism. Join us to hear how we can build the strength needed to make this goal a reality.

Sept 9

Endicott, NY & Owego, NY, 11AM & 12 noon

Veterans for Peace of Broome County NY, will join with Broome County Peace Action, Upstate Drone Action, New York State Peace Action, Code Pink, Pax Christi NY and multiple other groups at war industries around the USA to expose their bloody profits from innumerable 9/11 type killings since September of 2001.The coalition of peace and justice groups call for nonviolent actions around the USA. In the Southern Tier of New York, we will gather first at BAE in Endicott at North St and Washington Ave at 11 AM on Friday morning, September 9th then travel 12 miles west of BAE to #1 war merchant, Lockheed Martin in Owego at 17c & Lakeview Parkway. We will first give each war industry congratulations for taking baby steps to transform from death making to life enabling products and systems. BAE with electric bus making and Lockheed Martin with a contract to improve postal deliveries (far less than 1% of their revenue).Banners, signs and song will denounce both BAE & Lockheed Martin as terrorist businesses. Our microphone will send the message into BAE and around town. A letter will be hand delivered to BAE management and a similar letter sent certified mail to the CEO of BAE Systems calling upon both companies to transform manufacturing to people and earth needs. See letter here.

All of the events below took place as part of our week of action, April 17-24, 2022!

Check out photos from our April 17th-24th events during our Week of Action

April 15th

Bath, Maine

Smilin' Trees Disarmament Farm
Time: 11:30am -12:30pm
The Lenten Vigil for Disarmament begins on Ash Wednesday, March 2, when we gather across from the Administration building at Bath Iron Works on Washington Street from 11:30 to 12:30. We witness against the continued production of the nuclear capable Aegis guided missile destroyers here at BIW by General Dynamics. The Vigil continues every Saturday in Lent: March 5, 12, 19, 26 and April 2 and 9. Then on Good Friday, April 15 (note change from last year), we hold the final Lenten Vigil at the same time and place. We gather in solidarity with tax resisters all over the US protesting at manufacturing sites for the military industrial complex saying No! to the use of our tax dollars to support endless war. Lent signals a turning point from winter to spring, from despair to hope, from choosing death to enhancing life, from building "destroyers" to creating a world without war. Each warship built keeps us from the Love needed to heal our Mother Earth. Disarmament (Resurrection!) means turning away from warships and instead healing the many crises that surround us. Please bring signs and wear a mask.


Palo Alto, California

Tax Day Cut the Pentagon & Global Mobilization to Stop Lockheed Martin
Time: 11:30am-1:30pm
Sponsored by: CODEPINK, Pacific Life Community, World Beyond War, Environmentalists Against War, Raging Grannies, and more.
Where: Lockheed Martin facility in Palo Alto. Meet up at El Camino @ Page Mill (Palo Alto Plaza parking lot) 11:30am. March to Lockheed Martin facility. To join a carpool or offer rides from SF and East Bay, email
Petition delivery, bannering, singing/chanting, "Cut the Pentagon Cake" We are demanding that Lockheed disarm and convert to making things that sustain life, such as clean energy and transportation systems. We will attempt to deliver a petition telling Lockheed to begin conversion to peaceful industries. Please sign.
We are demanding that Congress stop taking campaign contributions from the war industry and enact the Green New Deal to provide good green jobs for Lockheed employees so they don't have to participate in killing. Half of our taxes go to war and weapons, and half of that huge amount goes to weapons companies. On "Tax Day" we need to look at Lockheed Martin-- the largest weapons company on earth, with facilities in nearby Palo Alto. The war industry, led by Lockheed Martin, supplies the military, which is literally killing the planet with their fossil fuel-driven wars and military bases polluting countries around the world. Please join us to stop Lockheed's war profiteering. Learn more here! 

King of Prussia, PA

A NO-WAR Prayer for the Love of Humanity
Time: 12pm
Organized by Brandywine Peace Community - Good Friday @Lockheed Martin. Mall & Goddard Boulevards, King of Prussia (behind King of Prussia Mall). Next to a large wooden cross, with Lockheed Martin logos at the crucifixion nail points and a large peace sign, people will vigil and intone a large bell of bell, will hold large banners emblazoned with messages of peace. Following the solemn peace vigil, participants will conduct a Good Friday Stations for the Love of Humanity modeled on the traditional Christian Stations of Cross following the last steps and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A small group of participants will block the driveway entrance to Lockheed with crosses and a large poster announcing the GLOBAL MOBILIZATION TO STOP LOCKHEED MARTIN on April 28. 

Learn More Here!

Linthicum, MD

A NO-WAR Prayer for the Love of Humanity
Time: 3pm ET
Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland is organizing a demonstration at Northrop Grumman, a letter to its CEO and a leaflet to be handed out to the workers at 793 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum, Maryland on Earth Day, April 22, at 3 PM.


April 16th

Corvallis, OR

Let's Use Our Taxes for a Better World
Time: 5-6pm CDT.
Organized by VFP Linus Pauling Chapter 132. What would you rather spend our money on than militarism? Come join advocacy groups from around Corvallis to share how we can use our taxes to build a better world. Chapter 132 and other local activist groups will speak about how they would redirect funds from militarism to serving human needs. For more information, view the Facebook Event Page.

Spokane, WA

Proposed Parade and Demonstration
Time: TBD
Organized by VFP Spokane WA - Proposed Parade thru International District & Proposed Demonstration Front Gate FAFB


Lancaster, PA

Penny Polls in City Center Square
Time: 11am
Organized by 1040 for Peace - Penny Poll where public can "vote" on how they'd like to have their federal taxes spent. 1040 for Peace website.

April 17th

Washington, D.C.

Fund Communities Not War!
Time: 12pm
Organized by CodePink - We will take to the streets in Washington DC for disruption, political education, and community building through art. Final details to come!

Chandler, AZ

Event at Northrop Grumman
Time: 10am
Organized by Phoenix Anti-War Coalition - Attendees at the event will be holding signs and tax info flyers

April 18th

New York, NY

No Wars, No Warming: Fund Our Future
Time: 12pm
Organized by Extinction Rebellion NYC - The climate and peace movements come together for a rally and short march in front of the IRS this tax day, April 18th, to demand that our tax money stop being used to fund endless war and environmental destruction. The Pentagon is the number one institutional consumer of oil on the planet. In order to maintain it's 800+ military bases around the world, the Pentagon alone produces more fossil fuel emissions than 140 other countries, COMBINED. We recognize that the people who are most often placed in harm’s way from armed conflict are also the people who have and will continue to face the brunt of the climate crisis. In this moment, after two years of Covid19, our tax money should be funding social services that benefit the communities most impacted by the climate crisis and most affected by decades of systemic underfunding. The US has no problem dumping over half of its federal budget into policing the rest of the world through the Pentagon but refuses to cover the things people actually need. Join us to demand that our tax money stop fossil-fueling endless war, and start funding healthcare, green jobs and infrastructure, other climate adaptation measures, and housing. We demand a livable future.

Get more details on the Facebook Event Page!

Flower Mound/Dallas, TX

DFW Tax Day Action: Cut the Pentagon Budget; Take our Country (& Planet!) Back from War Profiteers!
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm (Okay to come & go)
Organized by Veterans For Peace Chapter 106, North Texas, CODEPINK Greater Dallas, Dallas Peace & Justice Center, Dallas Anti-War Committee - This Tax Day we are calling on you to join an action in our community that targets the war machine and promotes investment in a peace economy! We are demanding a cut in the ridiculously bloated Pentagon budget and redirection of those resources to human needs, as well as the conversion of war companies to useful production... for the sake of people, planet, peace and a future.

WHAT: Informing the public about the costs of war, where their tax $$ are going, and the trade-offs that would surely improve their lives. We'll have signs, flyers, pie charts, the number to call Congress, other visuals and our voices for clarification as we interact with post-office patrons mailing their tax forms at the last minute to make sure they're postmarked by the due-date -- April 18, 2022.
WHEN: Monday, April 18, 2022; 11:30AM - 1:30PM (Okay to come & go)
WHERE: U.S. Post Office, I-30 and Sylvan Ave, Dallas.

*Let us know if your organization would like to endorse/cosponsor/promote/attend.

**See Facebook event page to RSVP & get info & updates, including any last-minute changes.

Washington, DC

Tax Day: Give Peace a Budget! A night of poetry, comedy, art & political education
Time: 6:30pm
Join CODEPINK, American Friends Service Committee, War Industries Resistance Network, Poor People's Campaign, poets, comedians, and other artists on Tax Day and Global Day Against Military Spending for a night of political education about the bloated Pentagon budget, and our work to re-invest war spending in people, the planet, and peace, instead.

More information here!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

WAR IS NOT GREEN The U.S. Military: Planet Earth’s Greatest Enemy*
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Governor's Mansion 1006 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, MN. View the Facebook Event Page!
Featured speaker: Barry Riesch, VFP Chapter 27

The U.S. Military is poisoning our planet! The Air we breathe, the Water we drink, our Soil for food. The Department of Defense (DOD) has over 800 bases and over 4,775 defenses total WORLDWIDE, with 8.8 million acres in the United States.

No Reporting ► No Accountability - For decades the U.S. military has contaminated the air, soil, and water worldwide, including in the states, by burning contaminants or dumping them in the ocean and then hiding or simply not reporting major pollution. Besides fossil fuels some of the contaminants are: bacteria, pathogens, metals such as lead and mercury, and PFAS flamethrower.

Sponsored by WAMM’s End Military Madness Against the Earth action group and cosponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 and the End War Committee of WAMM

*Title of forthcoming movie from Abby Martin. 


Portland, Maine

Maine TaxDay/EarthDay Pop-Up Art Exhibit
Time: 2:00pm - 6:30pm

Street Art Pop-Up Art Exhibit.
Stay for a minute, stay for a while.
Congress Sq. Park, Portland, Maine
Get attention from the "real media" camera at 6:30! Can you pass out literature? Take photos! Share on Tweet and with your friends.
Share your music. Poems. 

VFP Maine Chapter 001 / Peace Action Maine 

View the Facebook Event Page!

April 20th

Boston, MA (Date Moved Due to Storm!)

Invest in Life not Death: A march against financial institutions supporting both Raytheon and Fossil Fuels
Time: 12pm
The Raytheon campaign and climate justice activists will march to various financial institutions in Boston that provide investment and lending support to both Raytheon and to fossil fuel companies.

Gather at noon, April 20, in downtown Boston at the Sam Adams statue at Fanueil Hall

View the Save the Date announcement on their website.


Minneapolis, MN

WAR IS NOT GREEN The U.S. Military: Planet Earth’s Greatest Enemy*
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Peace Bridge (Lake Street and Marshall Ave Saint Paul, MN). View the Event Page!
Featured speaker: Sue Ann Martinson, Rise Up Times, EMMAE

The U.S. Military is poisoning our planet! The Air we breathe, the Water we drink, our Soil for food. Money for Human Needs, Not War! No Tax $$$ for War.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has over 800 bases and over 4,775 defenses total WORLDWIDE, with 8.8 million acres in the United States.

No Reporting ► No Accountability - For decades the U.S. military has contaminated the air, soil, and water worldwide, including in the states, by burning contaminants or dumping them in the ocean and then hiding or simply not reporting major pollution. Besides fossil fuels some of the contaminants are: bacteria, pathogens, metals such as lead and mercury, and PFAS flamethrower.

Sponsored by WAMM’s End Military Madness Against the Earth action group and cosponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 and the End War Committee of WAMM

*Title of forthcoming movie from Abby Martin. 


Ongoing Event - Wednesday Weekly End War Vigil: Every Wednesday at the the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm between April 1st and October 31st Signs provided or bring your own. Check the calendar for special themes!

April 21st 

Virtual Event / Milwaukee, WI

The Climate Crisis and Militarism: an Earth Day Presentation
Time: 7pm Central Time

Organized by Veterans For Peace Milwaukee Chapter 102 and Peace Action WI -  Presentation by Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director of Veterans For Peace. Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project is part of the world-wide movement to end the climate crisis and promote climate, environmental, racial, and economic justice.  US militarism, the single largest institutional source of greenhouse gasses on the planet, fuels the climate crisis. The solution requires the US military to step back from its doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance, including reducing the unsustainable annual military budget; closing military bases around the world; de-militarizing US foreign policy; and redirecting funds towards mitigating the climate crisis. 

View the Facebook Event Page for More information

Zoom Link Here


Portland, OR

Teach-in at Portland State University
Time: 12:00pm 

Organized by Resist US-Led War Movement - Public teach-in at Portland State University campus on local and international militarization and how we can organize to change it. Focus will be on two local campaigns - demilitarizing campus security officers and cutting PSU's ties with the Boeing corporation. Get in touch if you'd like to organize other events with the Resist US-Led War Movement!

Ames, IA (and over zoom)

Zoom Webinar for Iowa State University Students
Time: 5:00pm 

Organized by Ames Chapter of Science for the People - The Veterans for Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project will be presenting a zoom webinar for Iowa State University students (and any interested members of the Ames community) to learn how U.S. militarism is fueling the climate crisis. A Raytheon subsidiary, Collins Aerospace, is a frequent industry sponsor at ISU hosting internships, co-ops, and events. By providing this educational opportunity, we hope to build momentum for a campaign challenging Collins Aerospace's influence at the university.
The event will be over zoom and hosted by VFP member and CCMP co-founder Vince Dijanich. The zoom presentation will also be shown in a classroom on campus for people in the central Iowa area (Carver 0282). Zoom link to event.

April 22nd

Virtual Event

Averting Climate Catastrophe: No New Arms Race!
Time: 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT

An online webinar with discussion. Presented to Veterans For Peace and open to the public. Moderated by Marcy Winograd of CODEPINK


Register Here!

Asheville, NC

Convert the War Economy: Windmills Not War Machines
Time: 10am local time
Organized by Reject Raytheon AVL - The Pratt & Whitney plant now being built in Asheville is a danger to people and planet. It will manufacture airfoil turbines, integral components of jet engines to be used in both military and commercial aircraft. What is needed is to convert our economy from one centered on the war industry to one that addresses the climate emergency. The Pratt & Whitney plant can and should be producing components for wind turbines, rapid rail systems, and solar collectors. Not for jet engines.

We will hold a rally on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, at 10 am. at the Bent Creek River Park to raise awareness about the Pratt & Whitney plant and to call for Windmills Not War Machines. Please join us to stand for people and planet over profits.

View the Facebook Event Page for more details!

Ithaca and Syracuse, NY Earth Day

Thorden Park, Syracuse
Time: Noon to 2 pm EDT 
Hancock Field
Time: 4-5 pm EDT
Organized by Upstate Coalition to Ground Drones - Street Theater

Tucson, Arizona

Demonstration at Raytheon Missiles & Defense HQ
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 a.m
Join the Raytheon Peacemakers as we demonstrate against war and those who profit from it. Survival demands better ideas, not better weapons. The peace vigils are a regular, nonviolent presence in our community:

Please note: Signs and banners will be provided, or you can bring your own. Find additional details here!


Linthicum, Maryland

Demonstration at Northrop Grumman
Time: 3pm
As part of the call by the War Industries Resistance Network, Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland is organizing a demonstration at Northrop Grumman, a letter to its CEO and a leaflet to be handed out to the workers at 793 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum, Maryland on Earth Day, April 22, at 3 PM. Northrop Grumman is a notorious weapons contractor, which has received the largest amount of tax dollars to work on nuclear weapons.

If you are interested in joining Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland on April 22, contact Max at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net. We will be doing carpooling to meet at a fast food restaurant across form the Northrop Grumman site. View the Baltimore Nonviolence Center website.

April 23rd

Huntsville, AL

War industry Conversion to a Sustainable Future
Time: 10-11am
This North Alabama Peace Network event will focus on War Industry Resistance. War industry conversion to a sustainable future. The event will take place at the corner of Airport Rd and Whitesburg Drive.

Ventura, CA

Demonstration and Educational Gathering
Time: 12pm PT
Organized by California for a World BEYOND War - We will host a public demonstration and educational gathering in Ventura, California to coincide with Earth Day week festivities, in order to promote Divestment from the war economy and Investment in a peace economy, for the sake of people, planet, and a just transition. More details to come! 

Northampton, MA

One Planet. One People. No War! 
Time: 12:30pm
Organized by Demilitarize Western Mass - We'll meet at weapons contractor L3Harris' building, 50 Prince Street, Northampton, Mass. and march to downtown for a rally. If you prefer not to march, meet us in front of City Hall, downtown Northampton at 1 pm for the rally and speakers. The event, co-sponsored by Code Pink of Western Mass, will focus on militarism, its impact on the climate and racial justice. Featuring music by the Expandable Brass Band and several local speakers. Join us for this rally for both Earth Day and a Tax Day action! 

Royal Oak, MI

Time: 9:00am
CCMP and VFP Chapter 74’s objectives are to distribute information, to recruit volunteers, and to discuss the fact that the USA cannot sufficiently mitigate climate change or truly promote environmental, racial, and economic justice, while funding our military more than the next 11 nations combined.

Madison, WI

Event at the Dane County Farmer's Market
Time: 8:00am
Safe Skies Clean Water WI and Madison Veterans For Peace will be at the Dane County Farmer's Market - one of the largest in the country, asking people to divide their "beans" to tell us where they want their tax money to be spent. More info here!

Grand Prairie (Dallas/Ft. Worth), TX

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by Veterans For Peace Chapter 106, North Texas, CODEPINK Greater Dallas, Dallas Peace & Justice Center - As part of a GLOBAL MOBILIZATION calling for an April 21st-28th Week of Action to STOP LOCKHEED MARTIN, join North Texas peace, justice, and environmental activists at Lockheed's Missiles & Fire Control plant.
WHEN: Saturday, April 23, 2022; 2:00 - 3:00 PM
WHERE: 1701 W Marshall Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75051 (on southbound State Hwy 161 access road)
See Facebook event page to RSVP & get full info, including any updates or last-minute changes.
*Let us know if your group would like to endorse/cosponsor.

April 21st-28th

Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin

A number of groups around the world, from Canada to South Korea, Colombia to Australia (and more!) are coming together to organize a Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin.

Lockheed Martin is by far the largest weapons producer in the world. From Ukraine to Yemen, from Palestine to Colombia, from Somalia to Syria, from Afghanistan and West Papua to Ethiopia, no one profits more from war and bloodshed than Lockheed Martin.
Learn more here!