VFP April Days of Action

The month of April brings a number of opportunities for you to get involved with VFP's national efforts and local activities. If you remember, VFP is keeping a national calendar in 2013 to increase our visibility and impact. Keeping a national calendar provides an opportunity to show our numbers by demonstrating unified acts of peace. Here are just a few ideas from national office to get you started. If you decide to take on any of these actions or others, please let us know so it can be included in VFP's member reports!

April Actions Against Drones:

VFP urges you to select one or more of the days in April to organize actions within your chapters and community to focus on the institutions which are part of the massive army of drones in the U.S. war on the world.

Global Day of Action on Military Spending [GDAMS]:

Monday, April 15th not only marks Tax Day in the United States, but also marks the Global Day of Action on Military Spending. On this day, people on all continents will join together in joint actions to focus public, political, and media attention on the costs of military spending and the need for new priorities.

  • Find a GDAMS Event Near You: Follow this link for a list of events around the world. You can also send in your local event for promotion and inclusion on the GDAMS national website.
  • Find out where your 2012 taxes went: The National Priorities Project provides detailed information about the federal budget, providing a breakdown of 2012 taxes with interactive data, along with webinars and toolkits to help you educate others.
  • Post and Share GDAMS Printed Materials: Follow this link for printed materials, sample outreach e-mails, fact sheets, and more!
  • Sign the Petition: Tell Congress to stop the cuts to communities, and "pull the pork" from the Pentagon.

The People's Response to the Bush Library Dedication:


Join members of Veterans For Peace and the People's Response in a peaceful, nonviolent march, rally, and demonstration to protest the George W. Bush Presidential Center during its dedication will take place in Dallas, TX on April 25, 2013.

Register: Follow this link to register for the action. If you use Facebook, join the event here.

Calendar of Events: Follow this link for the complete schedule of workshops, teach-ins, displays, art, march, rally, speakers, and more!

Additional Actions You Can Take NOW on Any of These Issues:

  • Contact Your Representative: Don't know your Congressional Leader? Follow this link to enter your zip code and find out exactly who represents you and how to contact them directly.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor: Don't know the newspapers in your area? We've provided sample letters to send on drones and military spending. Provide your zip code and a list of newspapers in your area will appear. You can send the letter provided, edit it, or write your own.
  • Spread the word Online: Share a petition or article on Facebook, Tweet about these issues on Twitter, or email the url for this page to a friend.