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Current Email Blast

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April 20, 2020 -

  • Earth Day 2020
  • Peacemaking in the Time of COVID
  • Watch Party: Sir, No Sir!
  • Message from our ED
  • Racial Justice Has No Borders Townhall Now Available for Viewing!
  • Repeal the AUMF
  • Department of Defense Secrecy
  • SDVFP Sends Love to La Jolla VA
  • Throwback Photos
  • Beyond Viet Nam Webinar now available
  • VFP member Megaciph releases new song
  • In the News
  • Calendar

VFP Newsletter

The VFP Newsletter is published 3 times each year for members and donors. It contains extensive chapter reports from around the country, poetry and book reviews as well as articles on current affairs.  Send your reports to interim newspaper editor, Becky Luening:

Current Newsletter

  • No War on Iran!

  • Veterans For Peace warmly welcomes JANE FONDA to our Advisory Board!

  • Executive Director's Message

  • Resistance Online

  • Honoring the Voices of Veterans For Peace

  • Veterans’ high-profile actions connect war and climate change

  • Poetry Page

  • Big news on Nellis expansion

  • Veterans demand accountability for Afghanistan Papers

  • Home from Ireland!

  • Updates from Iraq Water Project

  • Viet Nam Peace Tour 2019

  • Golden Rule a Big Hit in Hawai'i

  • Not Just Another Roadside Attraction

  • Chapter Reports

  • Get the War Racket out of Fairbanks!

  • Upcoming Events

  • Save the Date!

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Other Resources

VFP is wealthy in authors. The following are produced by VFP members or Advisory Board Members.

  • In The Mind Field - news and commentary from veteran writer-activists
  • A Global Security System: An Alternative To War It describes the “hardware” of creating a peace system, and the “software” — the values and concepts — necessary to operate a peace system and the means to spread these globally.  
  • The Peace Report was created to help educate the public about the problems surrounding militarism, wars, conflicts, & the effects of military spending. TPR was created by Will Griffin, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran turned antiwar activist. Will began to notice the lack of coverage on issues related to militarism and how people aren't connecting the dots of how the wars abroad ultimately bring the wars home. This can easily be seen through examples like the militarization of local police departments and our overall national security spending every year.  The Peace Report also has an active YouTube, Facebook and Twitter presence.