Message from Executive Director

April 20, 2020
The current health crisis is impacting all of us in new ways. I know we have lost some valued members of our community. My heart goes out to all of you in these difficult times.
The VFP national office is trying to adapt as best we can. Some changes include working from home more, delaying store orders to not burden mail services,  preparing to close down the brick and mortar office in St. Louis and developing more online tools for activism and communication. 
Our annual convention will be moved to an online format with extended days. We are preparing to help members who need a tutorial on using their computers to access the events and participate in the meetings. Despite the awkwardness of streaming a convention, it will allow international and deported veteran members participate more. Please have patience as we sort out the information on the website.
The good news is currently our membership is increasing as we are above our expectations for renewals, new members and even post 9-11 members for the first quarter of 2020. 
We don't know what the future will bring as our economy falters and political leaders fail us. We do know that VFP members will rally together to support one another and their community. We know we will continue to keep an eye on rampant militarization and speak truth-to-power. 
The world needs Veterans For Peace more than ever. 
Thank you for your dedication and please be safe and stay healthy so we can continue our mission for world peace.

Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director

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