Downloadable Resources

Here are some basic VFP resources for your use.  One of the perks of being a VFP member is to contact the national office to have documents printed in a professional manner.  Email Casey, chapter coordinator @, if you would like to have printing done. 


VFP Membership Brochure(2 pages)

VFP Membership Brochure Insert

*VFP Membership brochures are best printed professionally, if would like the national office to print, email Casey @


VFP Logo (.jpeg)

If you need other size or format of this logo, please contact us.


VFP Reverse Logo

This logo is used on a dark background so the dove remains white.

VFP Logo VFP Logo (.png)
VFP Supporter Logo VFP Supporter Logo (jpeg)

*If you need other size or format of these logos, please contact us.