The Environmental Cost of War and Militarism


Helen Jaccard,


The Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose includes “increasing public awareness of the costs of war”. The current Strategic Plan has a Vision of “Turning public opinion against war by increasing public awareness of the full cost of war”, and a Goal to “Expose/educate the public to the true human, economic, and environmental costs of war.”

We will work to meet the goal of Expose/educate the public to the Environmental Costs of War and Militarism by working with other groups and within VFP. Areas of concern include:

  • Environmental Causes of War and conflict – climate change, resource control
  • Environmental Damage as a result of preparation for war / militarism
    • resource extraction and manufacturing to make weapons and transport vehicles
    • activity on military bases such as mock invasions, destruction of old weapons, training military personnel and weapons testing
  • Environmental Damage of war itself
    • direct damage from transport and use of weapons
    • emissions of carbon, radioactive dust, chemicals, and heavy metals into the air/ground/water
    • depletion of oil and other resources

Many groups around the world are working on these issues, so the VFP Environmental Cost of War and Militarism Working Group will be adding our unique Veterans voices to the calls and work of others.

We will, in coordinated efforts with other groups,

  • Become knowledgeable about these issues and solutions.
  • Educate other VFP members and our communities through position statements, press releases and other publications; lectures, vigils, marches and other public events; tabling, and direct actions at home and abroad.