My Lai Memorial Exhibit

Host the Chicago Veterans for Peace My Lai Memorial Exhibit in your area. Contact Mac MacDevitt at for details

The time is right: There is an increasing interest in the 50th Anniversary years of 1968-1969, especially with the new release of the Ken Burns Vietnam War series.

Provide a focus for your events: The Memorial Exhibit can be a focus for your Vietnam War commemorations – and provide a strong anti-war perspective on our current military actions. The exhibit can stand alone, or ideally be a key part of a commemorative program involving panel discussions, film showings, poetry slams and other activities with allies.

Promote healing and dialogue: The exhibit will allow Veterans/family members/antiwar activists/ Vietnamese refugees and others who have been affected by the war to engage in a healing art making experience and with dialogue and sharing to make amends for our actions in the war.

Raise funds for local projects: Local fundraising can be stimulated by featuring chapter and allied causes on the exhibit’s Take Action Kiosk – where participants can get more information or make direct contributions.

"My immediate response to the display when I encountered it at the convention:  'I don’t know if I should cry or swear. Actually, I did both. The artist’s genius is that he invites us into the world of My Lai to participate in its reconstruction in our minds and in our memories, and then, eventually, in our hearts and souls.  I rebuilt the collage without thinking and ended up with exactly what I wanted to ‘say.’” - Doug Rawlings, Veterans For Peace member

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