Fathers Say No To War

This Father's Day, members of Veterans For Peace call on our leaders to invest in future generations, instead of endless war. We know that many of our children and our children's children have spent their lifetimes in a country at war. We must start investing in education, health, and other social programs instead of war spending. The United States spends more on military than the next 13 biggest spenders worldwide combined, while our communities at home suffer. As veterans and fathers, we say "No To War!"

“For Father's Day I pledge to continue to struggle to provide my own children and others' with a world worth living in.” – Eric Lobo, Veterans For Peace Chapter 26 in Chicago, IL

By: Doug Rawlings, Veterans For Peace

​For My Son Josh and His Best Friend David, turning thirteen
If we were ancient shamans
now would be the moment
we’d choose
to give you shelter
from the coming storm

But we are merely
survivors of suburbs and cities
not forest nor mountain
Modern men
offering you our silences
our words
to guide you going out on your own

Yet we have known for years now
that the silences of our fathers will not do

And we have known that words alone
cannot bleed you free
of your raging doubts

So listen up
to what we have found
between silences and words:

Open up your fists
Watch women move
Scorn uniforms

Don’t march

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