Veterans For Peace Congratulates the Diplomats of Iran


Veterans For Peace congratulates the diplomats of Iran, U.S.A., Russia, France, Britain and Germany for developing a framework for an international agreement to resolve tensions around Iran’s nuclear power program. While there are many details yet to be determined, these negotiations took a significant step forward towards a peaceful resolution of differences.

Today, Veterans For Peace calls on the people of the United States and particularly the U.S. Congress to support the Obama Administration’s and international community’s efforts to continue down the road of diplomacy as they work to develop a comprehensive plan of action within the agreed framework. Veterans For Peace cautions those in Congress who over the past few months have tried to scuttle negotiations. Do not work against peace. You must find ways to be helpful in working for diplomatic solutions. A peaceful resolution to this disagreement will help both the U.S. and Iranian people. There is no need for war. War would be a choice, not a necessity. After more than a decade of endless U.S.  wars, advocating a new war and blocking avenues of diplomacy is irresponsible and highly detrimental to the future of the U.S. Blocking this agreement will harm international relationships and U.S. service members who have carried a heavy burden and cannot bear the weight of more war piled on their backs.

We ask the people of the United States to look to the happiness expressed in Iran at the prospect of a real agreement in contrast to the most of our nation carrying on business as usual. Why is this? Iran has been profoundly affected by the actions of our nation, and not only by economic sanctions recently imposed because of U.S. belief Iran intends to develop a nuclear weapon. The U.S. has meddled in Iranian internal politics for decades, including the U.S. instigated 1953 coup that removed the democratically elected Iranian Premier Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed the regime of the Shah of Iran. The taking of U.S. hostages during the 1979 Revolution was a direct result of U.S. manipulation in the Iranian political process. Yet the people of Iran have never shown animosity towards the people of the U.S. The slogans we hear played over and over on the news are aimed at the U.S. government, not the people. This agreement is seen as an important step towards rebuilding the relationship between the U.S. and Iran. Do not let politicians stand in the way of Iranians and the people of the U.S. learning and sharing with each other. Peace is built between people. Let us as the people of the U.S. take the next steps in building the peace between our two nations.

Call your congressional delegation and tell them to support current efforts at diplomacy and peace with Iran.