Veterans For Peace Applauds Iran Deal


Veterans For Peace applauds the work of six world powers - P5+1 (U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China and Germany) and Iran in reaching an agreement concerning Iran’s nuclear program. It is in the best interest of the world to reach a non-violent agreement rather than going down a track of possible war.

We call on Congress to support the agreement, paving the way for better relations between the U.S. and Iran; allowing the two nations to work together in addressing the ever growing humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq and across the region.

It is important to understand that it has never been confirmed that Iran has the intention to build a nuclear weapon or has a formal nuclear weapons program. Iran does have a civilian nuclear power program that the agreement seeks to limit the possibility of being converted to a nuclear weapons program.

ABC news reports that “Iran has agreed to significantly reduce its stockpile of enriched nuclear material and cease further enrichment, effectively extending the time it would take Iran to build a bomb from a few months to one year, over to 10 years. Upon verification that Iran is keeping its commitments to dismantle much of its nuclear program, major economic sanctions will be lifted, effectively releasing more than $100 billion in frozen Iranian assets.”

Iran bent over backwards by agreeing to an extensive verification regime, which is a major intrusion on their national sovereignty, in order to ensure the world is comfortable that they are living up to the agreement. We call on the U.S. government to equally live up to its part of the agreement, especially the lifting of all sanctions against Iran.

Unfortunately, there are many in the U.S. Congress who do not want to see any agreement succeed that does not totally humiliate Iran or lead to war. They claim the U.S. and the other 5 governments gave up too much in the negotiations to get the deal. Following the lead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, these U.S. politicians are prepared to scuttle the agreement at all cost. This type of thinking can lead to nowhere but war. There cannot be successful negotiations based on the humiliation or total capitulation of the opposing party. The people of Iran have a long and proud history. This agreement, which in time lifts sanctions, must be equitable to all parties for it to be accepted.

Fortunately for the world, the agreement with Iran has the possibility of opening new doors of diplomacy and pursuit of common interests. It will bring economic relief to the people of Iran and has the potential to help calm tensions rather than escalate violence in a region that already sees daily atrocities. We as Veterans For Peace say to the people of the United States, we must not let a short-sighted Congress short circuit the possibility of a brighter future for peace in the Middle East and across the region.